Label Spotlight: Dilate Records Shines Brightly In The World Of House Music


Label Spotlight: Dilate Records Shines Brightly In The World Of House Music

Recently founded in 2012, Dilate Records is the brainchild of DJ/producer Evans, otherwise known as Daniel Evans. Based in Sheffield, UK, the young house music label is not without backing. Already it sports a roster of artists including but not limited to: Droog, Inxec, Jozif, and Greg Pidcock. It has become an outlet not just for new emerging talent, but already established ones to have an avenue to explore their creativity if they so choose.

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Dilate Records has been building its catalogue of music with tracks named only with decimal numbers - a characteristic that is quite reminiscent of the Dewey decimal system that libraries employed for nonfiction books. It’s an interesting approach, as oftentimes track titles are to tracks the way book covers are to books. Without the titles we are unable to make any assumptions as to the mood or character of the track and listening is our only option.

So far from the accumulated works, the following have tickled the ear. “00.7 (Original Mix)” by Andre Salmon and Chris C. is a punchy track that can be described as a production style crossover between Carl Craig and Marc Houle tuned down to satisfy the slower BPMs of house music. The higher pitched bleep-y chords give a nod towards Houle’s stylistic work on his album with Miss Kittin, while the high hats and bassline given at the beginning of the track provide an inkling towards Carl Craig’s remix of Green Velvet’s “Destination Unknown.“ Picking up similar sounds and giving it their own signature stamp, Andre Salmon and Chris C. have put together a track that hooks your attention.

Second on my radar is “00.6” by Evans himself. A sensual touch with vocals and deeper chords give the track a humanity that the title format belies. Sexy and silky, this number is great for listening pleasure or cozying up to whoever has caught your eye on the dancefloor. To round out the release, Waifs & Strays have added two of their own renditions and another from Mark Jenkyns that is equally tantalizing.

Amongst fledgling labels, Dilate Records has shown strong colors that should not be missed. Although it has just begun, it has a resume that does not disappoint and we can daresay to expect many more quality releases after such a robust start.

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