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Magnetic's February Podcast Frozen - EDM Download


Magnetic's February Podcast Frozen - EDM Download

It's February. Yay, it's February. Well the good news is March is next month! And the better news is we've just posted up a new podcast and it's available for a free download. The track list is below, but it's a mix of some deep, some tech, some soul, and some just good ole' house music, mixed by David Ireland.

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Just some nice beats to groove to as you do whatever it is you do during February.

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1. Lex Newton - Take On Me
2. Lex Newton - Take On Me (Da Fat Love Dub)
3. Amine Edge & Dance - Halfway Crooks
4. Karol XVII & MB Valence - Panic!
5. Flex B. - Baby I'm A Boss
6. Lucas Arr - We Catch
7. Clouded Judgement - Give Us An E
8. Carlo - One & Only (Bordertown Remix)
9. Rico Casazza - Leaving Las Vegas
10. Gantz - Rising
11. Karol XVII & MB Valence - Ain't Nobody
12. Dayne S. - All The Things
13. Tim Baresko & Tee Dunky - In The Morning
14. Rico Casazza - Departures (Brendon Moeller Mix)
15. Dashdot & Victor Ruiz - Obey
16. Half Caste - Rabbit Hole (Ft. Michelle Aidnou)
17. Gantz - Spry Sinister

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