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By: Megan Sutherland

It’s FLU season, so double down on that green juice kids unless you want something other then “sick” beats served to you. The good news is, I have the remedy to your cabin fever. Some soothing sounds paired best with a dose of dancing. Doctor’s orders!

Megan Sutherland's Weekly Event Picks For Los Angeles - EDM Culture



Megan Sutherland's Weekly Event Picks For Los Angeles - EDM Culture

This is a clinic you actually want to be at….

So don’t sweat it amigos. For any of you mid week ragers who have witnessed the several past “CLINIC” wednesday sessions, you know you are in for upper echelon tunes, a state of the art sound system and overall dope experience. CLINIC has catered a night especially to the underground sound yet in an intimate club setting.

Megan Sutherland's Weekly Event Picks For Los Angeles - EDM Culture

This is going to be a BIG one.

Check out my faves PLASTIC LOVE doing what they do best right here;

- Dance Spirit ( Supernature, Maison D'Etre, Superfreq LA )
Dance Spirit is a philosophy based on attaining subconscious harmony through rhythm, timbre, melody, and movement.

- Plastic Love (Plastic Love Records)
Based in Los Angeles and taking creative inspiration from both East and West coast roots, Plastic Love brings you the finest in disco, house, techno, acid and everything in between

- MD ( Minimal Effort/Underrated)
Influenced by countless "out-of-body" experiences from party goers' movements and reactions to sounds.

- Danny B

Photos by: Paisley Bruise
Hosted by: PlasticLoveLA

Free with RSVP.
5$ without.



The talented Alexandre Mouracade keeps poppin’ up all over this damn blog and although he is a buddy, I swear I’m not biased or anything! He has earned his stripes and deserves all the props coming his way. For the 4th anniversary of CUB SCOUT they were savvy enough to book this dude under his solo moniker, SONNS. If you are keen to groove with one of L.A’s finest make your way to this event and expect a grand time.

Megan Sutherland's Weekly Event Picks For Los Angeles - EDM Culture

Cub scouts promise.

CHRIS BOWEN & VICTOR RODRIGUEZ aka CRITTER CONTROL state the festivities best-

“It's hard to believe it's been four years since we've begun transforming one of LA's most notorious leather bars into our very own enchanted forest every first Friday of the month; and the good news is, we're just getting started.

To celebrate the occasion, we've invited one of LA's hottest to join us for the evening: SONNS of Machine Limited. You do not want to miss this one...

SONNS aka Alexandre Mouracade's roots in the Los Angeles music scene span the better part of two decades not only as a DJ but as the founder of the globally hyped party, Making Shapes and more recently as a charting producer under the moniker, SONNS and Split Secs with Travis Kirschbaum. Mouracade's roots reach as far back as the Southern California punk scene that gave rise to an equally as rich underground club world in the 90s. As a record selector, he's shared space with talent reaching as far back as his days holding a residency with his eclectic opening & closing sets for the World Famous Beat Junkies and more recently traversing the techno, house, disco and left-field landscapes with Mark E, Simian Mobile Disco, Ivan Smagghe and Eddie C.”





Megan Sutherland's Weekly Event Picks For Los Angeles - EDM Culture

A new night of immaculate record selections that move us. Welcome to TRANSIT…

With an intimidating amount of parties to possibly attend these folks focus to provide you with new and talented artists and to always keep exploring the new sounds of the underground.

For the Showcase they welcome;

Maxmillion Dunbar: The man behind the Future Times label and one half of Beautiful Swimmers. Dunbar has been a go-to for fans of dreamy 4×4 and woozy house long before L.I.E.S. was a twinkle in Ron Morelli’s eye. His productions weave together shadowy bits of house, disco, and techno with the precision of left-field hip hop. Maxmillion Dunbar (aka Andrew Field-pickering) has quietly developed into one of American house music’s most interesting and entertaining artists.

Avalon Emerson: Like most artists, Avalon's tastes aren't limited to one particular corner of the electronic sphere, although her own music does reflect the passion of American house, the mentality of underground techno, and the playfulness of Belgian new beat. Check out "Pressure"/"Quoi!" her official debut 12" on the label Icee Hot.

Matthew McDermott: As if that wasn't enough…We've got the one and only Matthew Mcdermott (States Of Being) and general cool guy who has agreed to grace the decks with his impeccable record selection!!

Marshall Lake: Conductor at TRANSIT

Peep Mamillon Dunbars video “Loving the drift” right here;



Megan Sutherland's Weekly Event Picks For Los Angeles - EDM Culture

the establishment or starting point of an institution or activity.

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Well the name of the event is appropriate because all of the acts on the roster have established quite an institutional following and seeing them play at Exchange would be the logical activity to partake in Saturday night.

See you near the funktion one speakers on that gigantic dance floor lovelies!

Insomniac presents Inception
Blond:ish with Climbers + Droog

Purchase Tickets Here.

Blond:ish members Anstascia and Vivie-Ann have established themselves globally by proving that they don't fit the quintessential stereotype while still having the innate ability to charm fans and industry members alike. With a recipe for unique productions that is organic and multi-dimensional, the pair is a force to be reckoned with behind the booth and on the dancefloor.

Climbers, aka Jay Blakk and Kiko Deal of Mexicali, Mexico, have been making serious waves around the world with a fresh take on house music, since first coming into the scene in 2011.

The duo has been tirelessly prolific and unabashedly driven, with three releases for the legendary Get Physical label (including one with Blond:ish), three more for the LA-based Culprit imprint (including their breakout hit "2 Come Back"), and more music for the renown Nurvous, OFF and Turbo.

The Mexicali boys have hardly put a foot wrong in 2 years and have not paused for breath for nearly as long. Their constant touring schedule - London to Paris, Ibiza to Bucharest, Peru to Russia - has turned Climbers into experienced DJ road warriors in a flash.

Climbers are quickly building a reputation for DJ and production excellence that will see them rise through the artist ranks for many years to come

Over the course of 7 eventful years since their genesis as the Droog collective, the Los Angeles-based trio – Andrei, Brett & Justin – have become true Renaissance men of underground dance music. Sprung from their DJ roots in late 90s/early ‘00s, Droog have taken on (nearly) all of the essential mantles: label heads – since 2009 their Culprit outfit has become a real force in the new “Deep” dance music movement; promoters of considerable experience and renown – their party series long a hometown institution, took on a global reach with events spanning Europe and the Americas; and producers – solo or with steady collaborator Inxec, they have infiltrated some of the top dance music labels like Crosstown Rebels, Get Physical, Supernature, Last Night on Earth, Noir and Akbal.

Droog has now emerged as a touring DJ unit with a suitcase-full of highlights, from 4 appearances at the beloved Fabric in London, the twin Berlin clubbing institutions, Watergate and Renate, and Paris’ legendary Rex to memorable shows in Peru, Australia, Russia, Portugal, Ecuador and beyond.

Quality music is born from the soul but gifted life through the gathering of like-minded people on the dance floor, giving wings to friendship and feelings to thought. Every Saturday at Exchange, good music and good memories bloom. This is the Inception of something beautiful.



Megan Sutherland's Weekly Event Picks For Los Angeles - EDM Culture

For the 3rd installment of MACHINE, the boys bring down the wareHOUSE with a few international talents, REBOLLEDO hailing from Mexico and CAPABLANCA from Berlin. Resident badasses SPLIT SECS (reference Alexandre from prior post and add TK Disko to the mix) and Sarcastic Disco’s legendary JUNIOR promise an action packed night with one packed dance floor. I dig it.

Add fuel to the disco fire and RSVP please.

Pachanga Boys / Hippie Dance, Kompakt Records, Cómeme

Rebolledo, born and raised in Xalapa, Mexico, is resident of the legendary “Santanera”, in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. There he developed his very own style of playing, mixing old and new odd dancetracks, driven by a persistent disco groove Feeling the necessity of links between tracks he used to play in the club, he started developing his own rough and edgy rhythms. Matias Aguayo, whom he had played with several times at his night in the “Santanera” got interested in his material, helped him to develop it and to share it with people via his label “Cómeme”

Discos Capablanca, Gomma Records / BERLIN

Machine Limited, Throne of Blood Records / Los Angeles

Sarcastic Disco / Los Angeles

RSVP for entry : machinelimitedmusic@gmail.com


For More Info



Megan Sutherland's Weekly Event Picks For Los Angeles - EDM Culture

If you are set on a Sunday spent in bliss with a euphoric soundtrack to match, caravan to GYPSET, a day destination dedicated to reveling in our gypsy ways. As a nomadic and free-spirited person myself, I guess that makes me somewhat of a gypsy. I will cheers to that and welcome new friends who share a similar lust for life.

Note: This Is A Private Event

The founder of GYPSET and owner of infamous Pattern Bar, Eduardo Castillo shares some beautiful words to best describe the affair;
“Let's embrace the SUN. A shift is amongst us from beautiful and inspiring late nights to beautiful and inspiring long days where we can see our faces and the light in our eyes. I'd like for us to capture that otherworldly sensation of a sunset and it's colors together with of course, a perfect setting, a home that is full of respect, that's safe, and above all full of love.

This new shift from night in to day will be known as GYPSET, our new daytime series where we will be taken on a journey of emotion and sound.

The format will be more like a concert than a party. Our special musical guests will always play at sunset and they will take us on a journey with the help of every setting sun. This of course will require a special kind of guest. We will invite guests that understand the importance of nurturing their sensibility to their/our environment. This has always been the case with all our guests, but we simply want to take this to a higher level with every music series we bring forth.

I encourage everyone to become gypsies for the day, to live and love freely. Our mission, always is to provide a home for you to feel free and safe so that together we can create lasting memories. “

Axel Boman.
Axel has been creating some essential sounds and has been inspiring fans the world over. His most recent full length album "Family Vacation" is the stuff GYPSET is made of. He is the first of the amazing PAMPA RECORDS team to visit GYPSET, Axel and his colleagues, Dj Koze, Isolee, Robag Wruhme, carry the PAMPA sound strong along with our local heroes, Ricoshei.

pre-sunset set w SABO.

Mystical Curator and GYPSET Goddess of Curiosities

A title so beautifully well deserved, Natalia Benson, joins us once again and prepares to take each of you on a cosmic journey.

Take a second to browse through her gorgeous work.

The definition: GYPSET

Fusing the ease and carefree lifestyle of a gypsy with the sophistication of the jet set, the Gypsetters are artists, surfers, designers, and bon vivants who live and work around the globe, from Jose Ignacio, Uruguay and Ibiza, Spain, to Montauk, New York. Gypset Style explores the unconventional, wanderlust lives of these high-low cultural nomads and the bohemian enclaves they inhabit, as well as their counterculture forbears, such as the Victorian explorers, the Lost Generation, the Beatniks, and the modern day hippy.

A portion of all proceeds will help the amazing We Are The Movement to continue to grow their reach and mission.
Please visit their page and help support.

We Are The Movement

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