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Michael Woods Selects His 5 Essential Pieces Of Studio Gear


By: Michael Woods

Michael Woods Selects His 5 Essential Pieces Of Music Production Gear

Michael Woods recently released his EP "Ctrl+Alt+Delete," which refers to the three computer keys you press in conjunction on a Windows computer to restart the machine. It's a technical reference by a DJ whose productions show a mastery of this essential side of the craft, not only in the crisp sound of his tracks but also the nature in which Woods blurs the genre lines between techno, electro, and progressive house music.

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But what are the top guns in Woods' production arsenal? Wouldn't you like to know? Lucky for you we invited Woods to share with us his top 5 pieces of studio equipment himself:

1. Access Virus B

This is a hardware synth which was made in 1999 with a 24 note polyphony and amazing oscillators, from 2 to 3 per voice. I use this mainly for the creation of lead sounds and occasionally for atmospheric pad sounds. This synth is essential because it never really creates the same sound twice so you are always creating something new.


2. Universal Audio Apollo Quad Interface

This is a sound card that comes with a whole array of its own plugins which are exact replicas of their hardware counterpart. I use this because it emulates the sound and the feel of analogue hardware which can be lost in today's digital world.


3. Bomb Factory 1176 Compressor

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I use this particular compressor because it seems to bring my productions to life and really adds a punch to the sound. This compressor works great on vocals as well as drums but can also be used on the entire mix if used correctly.


4. Native Instruments Reaktor5

This a fully modular synthesis studio within which one can create an endless amount of their own programmable synthesizers. I use it because you can get very creative crafting new sounds and its very user friendly.


5. A Comfy Chair

Don't take this lightly, sitting in front of a computer screen all day can be very uncomfortable. With a comfy chair you can stay in the studio longer with less distractions.


Michael Woods' EP "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" is out now on Diffused Music. Woods is also embarking on a U.S. tour by the same name beginning February 21st at the Royale Nightclub in Boston. Stops include Houston, Vegas, NYC, LA and San Diego.

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