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New Electronic Music: Top 10 Dubstep Songs Of The Week

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By: Dwight Noise

New Electronic Music: Top 10 Dubstep Songs Of The Week

This past weekend, I was treated to 8 hours of great dubstep, grime, garage, drum and bass, and bass music, courtesy of some of Chicago’s finest dubstep DJ’s. I hope many of you were able to listen in or attend as well. Listening to so many great rhythm cuts inspired me to really dig deep this week and find some new tunes that are revitalizing the old school feel. Less talk, more bass!

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1. My Nu Leng ft Fox, “Masterplan”

There is so much to love about this track; it’s almost impossible for me to pick out one element I like the most. Each part of the song fits perfectly together to create a spaced out atmosphere, and My Nu Leng uses the space perfectly to continually drop different levels of intensity.

2. Olie Bassweight, “False Idols”

The whole False Idols EP is really great, but I really love this track, as it sets a dark mood for the entire release. The description says this will give your speakers a low end workout, and that’s exactly right.

3. Xanda, “Float”

This track is not as dark as the past two songs, but it is every bit as heavy and spacey. Float is the appropriate title for this song, as it is ethereal and yet still very suspenseful.

4. Krimson, “Memory Loss”

Again, the title of this song is perfect for what this song is. The structure of this song disappears and reappears, very much like the concept of losing your memory and having no bearings. This song messes with my mind in a very good way.

5. Varien, “Bring Me Their Bones”

Varien’s ability to create soundscapes is truly amazing, and it shows here in this haunting and crushing song. I guarantee that you will find yourself immersed within the world of this song. The question is- are you the hunter, or the hunted?

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6. Jay Oskulata & Nesstrak, “Oncoming Addiction”

Take a deep breath before you listen to this track, because you won’t have another chance until it ends. Immediately, this track immerses you in thick, rolling chords and soundscapes that will drown out your senses. Your only guide is the well-crafted rhythms.

7. Boy Kid Cloud, “Passaway”

I really, really love this track. There is obviously a big level of intensity, but it never overwhelms the beautiful undertones of the rest of the track. There are a lot of understated elements, and those are always the mark of an excellent producer.

8. Strong4Life, “Unknown Entity (Fate Zero Remix)”

This sounds like a monster rampaging through a city. I don’t mean that in a “huehue thiz drop iz so felthy” circa 2012 way. I mean it in a, “everything you know is being destroyed in front of you” way. This song is dark, menacing, and straight to the point.

9. Strong4Life, “Unknown Entity”

Honestly, I think both versions of this song are really fantastic, which is why I included the original. MEWMEWTWOSONGSFROMTHESAMERELEASE. Well, the Unknown Entity is not concerned with your objections. The two interpretations of this same dark vibe are spot on.

10. Barely Alive ft. Splitbreed, “Keyboard Killer”

I’m all for any songs that makes fun of the people who contribute nothing but lame insults from 6 years ago to this world. Bonus points for this being one of the most hype songs I’ve heard this year. I’m glad that I’m starting to see Splitbreed more regularly, because that presence instantly makes any song much more intense.

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