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Sitting Down With Savoy At The House Of Blues In Hollywood

Sitting Down With Savoy At The House Of Blues In Hollywood

"This way" I heard as I was guided past the line of EDM girls wearing more material on their feet than on the rest of their bodies. "Those damn fur boots," I thought. Adam, Savoy's manager, led me through the House of Blues restaurant, through double doors and past the bar. We were now in the House of Blues club. It was barely 7 p.m. and the club had yet to open. We went up a few flights of stairs and through a few more doors before he sat me down in a room. It smelled like soap.

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"Ben won't be able to do the interview, he's in the shower," Adam said. Oh, that explains the smell. I gave Adam a nod of acknowledgement. He left.

I sat at the left end of a velvet couch, while my brother made himself comfortable on the armrest. I wish he'd leave, his presence is off-putting.

Mike walks in the room combing his fingers through his curly dark hair, Grey following him. I grab an ethnically patterned pillow by its tassels and moved it out of the way. They sat. I thought for a second about how similar we all looked. My brother, Mike, Grey and myself.

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With my brother breathing down my neck, I sheepishly asked how Los Angeles was treating them. Turns out they had just gotten in and were leaving immediately after the show. That's depressing, I thought.

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We briefly talked about their experience playing at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. The pair wasn't shy about their love for the venue and the crowd in attendance.

"Red Rocks is probably my favorite place we've ever played. It's so awesome," said Grey.

I wasn't surprised. The lights Savoy uses are meant for venues like Red Rocks. The combination of sharp lasers and the natural beauty of the venue must be euphoric.

"We're Colorado natives as far as the band is concerned. Red Rocks is so prehistoric it just has a certain vibe to it. It's unmatched," said Mike. "I mean the Gorge is close, but it's not as good."

We talked about tonight's set. They were going to play all originals and plenty off their latest album, "Three Against Nature," which the trio was kind enough to make available for a free download. They're happy with a new mashup they did and were ready for the show.

We concluded the interview and I stepped outside with Mike. He took a few long drags of a cigarette before returning indoors, having a drink and taking the stage, decorated with headless, laser shooting mannequins.

Needless to say, the crowd went wild.

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