Top 10 Bass Songs Of The Week - Dilla & Nujabes Tribute Edition


Top 10 Bass Songs Of The Week - Dilla & Nujabes Tribute Edition

The birthdays of James Yancey aka J Dilla and Jun Seba aka Nujabes just passed on Friday February 7th. These two incredible beat makers were taken from this world too soon, however their influence can still been heard in numerous artists' works throughout bass music, the beat scene, and beyond. This week I'd like to dedicate my chart to music that was influenced by these two legends.

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1. WeRunTheNight. (ThankYouJayDee…), AbJo
This one comes courtesy of one of Soulection's finest producers, AbJo. Although the title says it all, the sound is clearly influenced by the work of J Dilla with it's

2. J Dilla Tribute, LeGinge
This is a great tribute track from relatively unknown producer LeGinge. Dilla vibes on this one for sure.

3. 003, HWLS
Ta-ku lists Dilla as the most influential producer to his music, and it definitely shows. Although this track by HWLS (Ta-ku and Kit Pop) and ESTA doesn't sound exactly like Dilla, Dilla definitely influenced Ta-ku's music and played a part in his path to become the producer he is today. Warning: This one is a little heavier than the others.

4. You Stressin' (Produced by Disclosure), Bishop Nehru
Not many people are aware that Disclosure's #1 influence is J Dilla. The UK Garage duo's first foray into the world of hip-hop production closely resembles a Dilla beat and shows just how much they love the LA based beat-smith.

5. Nights for Nujabes: Night 14, Ta-ku
Ta-ku made a series of 25 tracks titled "Nights for Nujabes" in which he made a beat every night in memory of Nujabes. Although I don't normally include the same artist twice on a chart, in this case I made an exception due to how influential each of these artists were to Ta-ku.

6. Fall in Love, Flying Lotus
FlyLo is probably the biggest artist in the beat scene right now, and he cites J. Dilla as one of the artists who most inspired him. This is his cover of J. Dilla's classic tune "Fall in Love".

7. Get Dis Money (Shash'U Remix), Slum Village
Shash'U kills it on this remix of Slum Village. Dilla's beat is transformed into a fresh downtempo track with a heavy bass line and spacey melody. I'm addicted to this one right now.

8. Ones, Mr. Carmack & Kaytranada
Mr. Carmack and Kaytranada are both heavily influenced by J. Dilla and Nujabes.
Nujabes has had such a strong impact on Mr. Carmack that on February 7th he announced that he would be taking the day off from making beats so that he could spend the day appreciating Nujabes' music. This collaboration very closely resembles the styles of J Dilla and Nujabes and demonstrates the influence that these two producers had on the current generation of beat makers.

9. Beats Unraveled #6: J. Dilla Live Mixtape, BINKBEATS
This is an incredible live performance video of Binkbeats performing a few classic J. Dilla tracks.

10. YES YES, Slum Village
Finally, what better way to celebrate the life, works, and influence of the legend J Dilla than a brand new track from the forthcoming release of Dilla's previously unreleased material. This one is from Dilla's group Slum Village featuring his younger brother Illa J, T3, and Young RJ.

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