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Top 10 Bass & Trap Songs Of The Week - New Electronic Music


By: Taylor Barnes

Top 10 Bass & Trap Songs Of The Week - New Electronic Music

Hopefully everyone's year is off to a great start, mine definitely is. Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Roger Linn (designer of the first ever sample based drum machine, the MPC 60, and MPC 3000) at the NAMM show. Although that's not really chart related, I was really stoked about it and thought I'd share it. Without further ado, here's my top 10 tracks of the week.

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DRUGUSE is Low End Theory Resident DJ Nobody's footwork producer alias. DJ Nobody has been dropping this track regularly at Low End Theory, and now he's finally released it for everyone to enjoy. I actually got a sneak peek at this one when I was an intern over at Alpha Pup Records, but *shhhh* don't tell anyone...

2. Binary Fix (Eprom Remix), Computer Jay
I had the pleasure of meeting EPROM when he played at Low End Theory last week and he was nice enough to answer a few of my music production questions. Not only is he a nice guy, but an incredibly talented producer as he proves with this genre bending remix of Computer Jay's "Binary Fix".

3. Morning Call, Empia
Empia has less than 1,000 likes on Facebook and Soundcloud which is unbelievable considering how talented he is. In the same vein as artists like Wave Racer and Lindsay Lowend, Empia's music is extremely melodic with many nuances and samples throughout which keep his tracks interesting from start to finish.

4. One (Phazz Edition), Just Blaze & Sinjin Hawke
Phazz's edition of "One" builds off the original, adding his own stylistic musings to the original. It's truly impressive that he managed to transform an already massive track into an even bigger one.

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5. Zulfiqar, Bleep Bloop
As you might have deduced from the title, this is an extremely strange piece of music. Anyone who loves weird beats will really enjoy this one.

6. Crystals (Djemba Djemba Nightcore Remix), Awe
Djemba Djemba turns Awe's track "Crystals" into a double-time monster in this Nightcore remix.

7. BLOODPACT, NastyNasty
NastyNasty is one of my absolute favorite producers. His synths are intricately sculpted together with multiple layers of sound, and he has a warmth to his style that no other producer can emulate.

8. Drugs, Mr. Carmack
This is the latest from prolific beat maker Mr. Carmack. The dude releases 3-4 songs a week and they're always good. That's talent right there.

9. Raccoon, Titts
This one comes to us courtesy of my favorite labels Rwina Records based out of the Netherlands. It's another weird one, but I love it. If you dig this check out Titts' "BAB" which is a remix of "Blunt After Blunt" by Danny Brown.

10. Color, Side Brain
"Color" is Side Brain's extremely upbeat take on the footwork/juke genre. Fun fact, Side Brain aka Yeuda Ben-Atar is also an Ableton Live Certified Trainer.

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