Top 10 Drum & Bass Songs Of The Week - New Electronic Music


By: Matt Meadow

Top 10 Drum & Bass Songs Of The Week - New Electronic Music

Hey guys, how's it going. My name's Matt and I'll be the new drum & bass Editor for Magnetic Magazine. I have a fine appreciation of the classics and jungle, but I have a stronger thirst for the harder, faster d&b that's coming out today. You could consider this week's tracks as a sampler of me and my interests.

We've got some liquid and chill beats, as well as some knarly throwbacks. Without further ado, let's get on with it.

1. nExow, Something To Believe In
Something chill to start us off - nExow brings the liquid in with this massive track. The flighty and serene lead synths are incredible to just nod off to, but the bassline is what really gets me. The track does a great job of building upon itself and growing to huge proportions. This one's a free download.

2. Smote, Up To The Nines
Just a tad bit less chill - not quite liquid, but still not exceptionally heavy. We're getting there. Smote draws you in with sultry sweet sounds and then lays on the bass with a well-executed D&B drum loop.

3. The Prototypes, Pale Blue Dot
They're back. This is the first single from their upcoming debut album City Of Gold, and if this serves as any indication, we're in for a hell of a treat.

4. LAXX, The Unknown (Emperor Remix)
LAXX just released an EP on Never Say Die Records, and this little diddy came along with it. Emperor transforms the trap banger into a D&B dancefloor slayer.

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5. Flite, Featherfall
Bringing back those whimsical sounds, Flite lends his own vocals to this silky smooth release. Male vocals (not included rap/hip-hop, e.g. Virus Syndicate or Foreign Beggars) aren't too common with EDM, but Flite nails this one.

6. Dev, Bass Down Low (Clyde Machine Fastbeats Edit)
My good friend Clyde Machine transforms this track from 2010 into one that actually delivers on its promise - fast beats and bass down low. And that breakdown in extra tasty, too. There's a little trap in there at the end, as well, just for a little extra added flavor.

7. Zardonic, Tuggy Tuggy
Zardonic, now known by a lot for its drumstep, is celebrating its 10th anniversary by uploading a bunch of old tunes, including this gritty 2006 neuro track. It's got everything we've come to expect from Zardonic, including the inability to catch your breath. Download this one for free.

8. Terravita, Settle The Score (Divine Elements Remix)
Divine Elements remix Terravita's most recent single and absolutely kill it - the drum fills in the intro, and the massive Skrillex-esque drop. There's no doubt in my mind that a club would go mad when this drops.

9. Chase & Status, Blk & Blu (Ft. Ed Thomas) (Calibre Remix)
This once bouncy dancehall tune gets an speedboost with some fasters drums and a more subtle bassline. Calibre is a long-time favorite of mine for his minimal style with maximum quality.

10. Calyx & Teebee, Elevate This Sound
I know this one isn't new, I know, but it's worth mentioning as Calyx & Teebee visited Los Angeles this past Thursday and performed a massive set. Talk about minimal, and this track is one of the first in my mind. The production is top notch, the drums are crisp, and the vocals are sweet as molasses.

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