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Top 10 Dubstep Songs Of The Week - New Electronic Music


By: Dwight Noise

Top 10 Dubstep Songs Of The Week - New Electronic Music

Hey there! As a Broncos fan, yea. Yea. I really am going to need to blast my ears with ruthless dubstep for a week or two to get rid of those memories. This week’s magical memory repression trip features some highly aggressive and filthy track. Let’s dig in, shall we?

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1. Hobbie Stuart, Still Here (Gemini Remix)

I am a huge fan of Gemini’s wall of sound style. I’m not sure anyone else in the game has the ability to infuse songs with as many emotions quite like him. Here’s to an awesome 2014 with Gemini back at it.

2. Supreme, Pull Up

Massive! Grime is the OG “trapstyle”, and I’m always happy to see an artist pushing the sound further. This track rips like a buzzsaw, and I guarantee you will not be able to keep calm listening to it.

3. Carvar & Clock, BLAKKA

Speaking of buzzsaws…ohmygoodness. Beginning to end, this is one of the heaviest songs I have heard in the genre. There’s something to be said for tracks that snarl without being overloaded with screech leads. Keep an eye on these cats.

4. Butch Clancy, Paradiso

We’re all very lucky that Butch decided to release this absolute banger. There’s an amazing amount of energy and emotion displayed throughout this bouncy track, and I think most impressively it never slows down for a second.

5. FJH, Porksta VIP

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I don’t see the term “bassweight” being thrown around much anymore, but that’s absolutely in play here. Props to FJH for creating a heavy and grooving beast of a track.

6. Stephan Jacobs ft. A Rose Jackson & Henry Strange, Anywhere (Kairo Kingdom Remix)

Kairo Kingdom has been one of my favorite groups ever since “One, Two” graced my ears. Their ability to impose their signature sound upon a wide array of genres is pretty amazing to me. This track is another perfect example of that mastery.

7. Fytch, Amelie

I was caught off guard by this track, in a very pleasing way. The chill, jazzy feel of the intro is very soothing, but very quickly gives way to one of the best drops I’ve ever heard. This is an amazingly beautiful song.

8. Dodge & Fuski feat. Splitbreed, Bring Wobble Back

The title says exactly what it is. I’m not even going to pretend like I wasn’t shuffling my shoulders listening to this banger. If this is a sign dubstep is going to make a return to its roots in heavy grime, we’re in good hands.

9. Arion, I Like To Move It

Arion is back with a heavy, take no prisoners track, and thank goodness. This tear out track hits early and keeps up the barrage until it’s finished.

10. Dodge & Fuski, Pornstep (Egia Remix)

Truth be told, I’m really over the gurgling robotic noise style of dubstep, as I find it’s starting to be very, *ahem*, robotic sounding with no real variation. With that being said, all the props in the world to Egia, who is really, really good at putting some genuine life into this style and keeping it unique.

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