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Top 10 Dubstep Songs Of The Week - New Electronic Music


By: Dwight Noise

Top 10 Dubstep Songs Of The Week - New Electronic Music

Hey there EDM heads! There’s a light at of the end of this winter tunnel, finally and WMC is just around the corner! To celebrate, I’d like to present you with some crazy unique bangers for my Top 10 dubstep chart this week.

Let’s go!

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1. Zak Waters, Penelope (Gummy Remix)

This is an amazingly beautiful remix. Gummy set the melodic heaviness early, but they never take away from the pop of the original. Amazing.

2. Kong Speaks & Ganja White Night, Weedosauras

Ooohhhman. There is not a single second in this song that is not intense. From start to finish, you will be shuffling and womping, like some sort of giant dinosaur made out of weed or something.

3. L Nix, Respawn

Deep. Raw. Heavy. Spacey. Unnhhhh. I love this track. L Nix takes vibes from the past and vibes from the current to make an amazing track.

4. Rafii, Alone

Rafii sets the tone early with a haunting piano section, and slowly builds intensity to a crazy melodic drop. I love the bounciness of the second half as well. This is a great track.

5. Alex Sin, Lullaby

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The heaviness in this song is understated, which I absolutely love, as it makes the uniqueness of the lead sections stand out. This is an incredibly well designed track.

6. Far Too Loud, Acid 9000 (Loqo Remix)

A lot of really solid remixes came out of this, but I really like this one. Everything is mixed very well together and constantly moving, creating a very unique track.

7. DIVERSA, Immortalis

I was totally taken off-guard by this track, and I’m all about that. It sets a mysterious old school garage vibe, which quickly erodes into an intense neuro banger. Then, just as soon as you’ve settled into the heaviness, it morphs back. This is an incredible track.

8. Boombox Cartel, Hardcut (Grabbitz & Handles Remix)

I love what Grabbitz & Handles did with the original chords in this remix. This is an insanely intense track. The dirty hip hop section definitely adds to the craziness of this song as well.

9. Wildpuppet, Dance With Cannibals (Prismatic Remix)

The sound design in this banger is GORGEOUS. The song itself is GORGEOUS. This song is the musical equivalent of a zero-gravity rollercoaster in space.

10. Yo Gotti feat TI, King Shit (Robot Dentist Remix)

I love love LOVE when artists take hip hop joints and add several layers of heaviness. This track is a certified BANGER.

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