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Top 10 Electro/Progressive House Music Songs Of The Week

Tunes from Congorock, Showtek and Deorro round out this list.

Have you ever heard an electro house track where a dog barks in tune with the synths? You will in this week's chart of Top 10 electro and progressive house tunes. You'll also get to witness some really exciting DJ collaborations: Deorro + R3hab and Daddy's Groove + Congorock.

Top 10 Electro/Progressive House Music Songs Of The Week

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1. "Disco Sucks" - Bass Kleph, Big & Dirty Recordings

This is the first time I've heard anything by Bass Kleph, and I won't be sleeping on them. Glitchy, high-pitched vocals ride the buildup. The drop has such a unique start-and-stop beat that it's tough to compare to any other electro house track out there. 

2. "Flashlight" R3hab & Deorro, Spinnin' Records

It's about time this collab happened. Deorro's signature vocoded sound gets a gritty, industrial edge provided by R3hab.

3. "Fire" - Marc One, Wormland Music

Norwegian producer Marc One delivers a stirring melody in the buildup, followed by a deep, minimal beat after the drop. The light, melodic tones ride atop a bassline that is sure to set fire to the dance floor. 

4. "Collide" (D.O.D Remix) Laidback Luke & Project 46 feat. Collin McLoughlin, Mixmash Records

D.O.D wields his complex rhythms and vibrant drum combinations to give Laidback Luke and Project 46's uplifting track a stirring kick. I can't take this track off loop, and you won't be able to either.

5. "The Dog Shout" - ACP, Fuckin' House Records
This is the first electro track I've heard use a dog bark as a sample, and it really adds bite to an already edgy track. Solid debut release for ACP!

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6. "Syntemilk" - Daddy's Groove & Congorock, Ultra Records

I was psyched to see both of these DJs' names on the same track. Daddy's Groove and Congorock bring their best sounds to create a deeper electro track kept fresh with a subtle rattling effect leading off the beat.

7. "Free" - (Matt Nash Remix), Rudimental

Matt Nash mashes the soulful vocals of the original track into an electrified beat. The manipulation of the vocals, glitchy bass and the isolated off-beats in the latter half of the drop are subtle touches that really distinguish this track. Available as a free download via SoundCloud below.

8. "Bouncer" - Showtek & Ookay, Skink

Showtek teams up with Ookay to bring you a track that goes even harder than "We Like to Party." Grittier synths and a sped-up trap interlude give this banger insane amounts of energy.

9. "Detai" - Todd Valex, Ensis Records

Here's a big room banger with an unpredictable but memorable melody and beat in the buildup. I'm not sure what "Detai" means but the voice that declares it really gets my body ready to jump.

10. "Riot" - DDei&Estate

German producers DDei&Estate continue to bring the heat with a track aptly titled given the unrest around the globe. High-pitched synths fuel the beat's fire. Venezuela and the Ukraine are in my thoughts. 

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