Top 10 Electro/Progressive House Music Songs Of The Week


Top 10 Electro/Progressive House Music Songs Of The Week

This week in the electro/progressive house wing of EDM culture, we have a healthy batch of new Electronic music. Walden returns with his first solo track of 2014, two big Australian producers team up, and Disco Fries continues to kick ass and take names.

1. "Five Hours" Deorro, Le7els

Deorro delivers a different pace with this vibing, mid-energy track. His signature vocoded synths combine with a deadmau5-esque beat. Out February 11th.

2. "Wild Out" (Grandtheft + Torro Torro Remix) Borgore feat. Waka Flocka Flame & Paige, Dim Mak Recordings
The male vocals in this banger will get you amped up, guaranteed. At the same time, the female vocals bring balance to the insane energy unleashed by Grandtheft's remixed beat. Out now.

3. "Red Lights" (twoloud Remix) Tiësto, Casablanca Records

Twoloud continues to make a name for themselves with multiple explosive collaborations with Tiësto so far. This time they incorporate the inspiring vocals from Tiesto's original into a banging progressive re-work. Out soon.

4. "Shakedown" Uberjakd & New World Sound, Downright

Two of my favorite Australian producers (NWS is a duo) join forces to make an addictive, club-consuming melody. Can't wait to drop this at my next show. Out now.

5. "Philtrum" Disco Fries, Musical Freedom

Disco Fries continues to wield their unique sounds to infiltrate the Magnetic Top 10, this time with a shock-inducing, snare-laced electro riff. Out February 21st.

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6. "GROV" Martin Eriksson, Southside Recordings

Swedish producer Martin Eriksson creates a hypnotizing, riveting beat. The buildup features a rich, emotional choir. Out now.

7. "Funker" Rudy Zensky, Ensis Records

Zensky rewards us for helping him attain 3,000 Soundcloud followers with this monster track. The catchy melody is driven by synths that rapidly jump pitch. Available now for free download below via Soundcloud.

8. "What" David Heat & Hack N Slash, Glovel Records

David Heat & Hack N Slash continue to deliver with another big room banger. Backed up by Lil Jon's iconic "What!", this one packs a big room punch. Out February 24th.

9. "Zilent" Walden, Big Beat Records

Australian producer and 19-year old wunderkind returns with his first solo track of the year that buzzes with uplifting, peak-energy synths. Available for free download via Soundcloud below.

10. "Beat of My Heart" de Vio feat. Helen, Under Pressure Records

The intro and vocals give this track a softer feel, but the edgy electro riffs set up a nice contrast and give it a compelling kick. Out now.

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