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Top 10 Electro/Progressive House Songs Of The Week - New Electronic Music


Top 10 Electro/Progressive House Songs Of The Week - New Electronic Music

Judging from the volume of quality electro and progressive tracks I received this week, February is shaping up to be a dynamic month for EDM culture. Sonic bliss awaits you in this week's mix of addictive melodies, uplifting vocals, saxophone-laced beats, and earth-shattering drops.

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1. "Turbine" Dart Rayne & Demara, Garuda Music

This is the first track I've heard from either Rayne or Demara, and it puts them solidly on the map. A steady beat with a pulsating, hypnotizing melody. Out February 10th.

2. "Freefall" (DJ Storm Remix) Aronauer & Dizkodude, Total Freedom Recordings

Here's your feel good progressive tune of the week with great vocals provided by Pinn. Extended orchestral synths carry the melody to its peak. Out February 7th.

3. "Hey Mister!" Tujamo, Mixmash Records

A perfect fit on Laidback Luke's label, this track delivers a compelling, funky melody. The vocals demand your attention and set you up for the drop. Out February 10th.

4. "Saxed Up" John Kim + Monika

Thank you, sir, may I have another Melbourne Bounce track? Yes, you may, and it's got a super fresh sax sample riding the beat throughout. Available for free download below via Soundcloud.

5. "Starlight" (Cignature Remix) Muse

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Here's another uplifting progressive track. Cignature re-energizes this Muse classic with his unbelievable debut remix at age 17. Available for for free download below via Soundcloud.

6. "Tarzan" Kryder, Sosumi Recordings

This is the first track to be released on Kryder's new Sosumi label, which will be a free outlet for underground music. "Tarzan" brings the noise with pounding tribal beats and some wild high-pitched synths in between. Available for free download via Soundcloud below.

7. "Wrecking Ball" (S.M.Fusion Bootleg) Miley Cyrus

Yes, a Miley Cyrus song made it onto my list. But that's only because S.M.Fusion turned the downtempo heartbreak song into a thoroughly enjoyable electro banger. Available for free download below via Soundcloud.

8. "Fire" Triad Dragons

This big room track creates a chaotic sound of fiery destruction unleashed by the Triad Dragons. The glitchy melody is driven by a generous serving of bass. Available for free download below via Soundcloud.

9. "Let's Get Weird" Lazy Rich, Cr2 Records

Add this to your pre-game arsenal when you know you're in for a weird night. Buzzing synths fuel this edgy track with some deep vocal samples that encourage you to make some bad decisions. Out February 11th.

10. "It's Alright" (Starkillers Remix) Paris Brightledge, Ultra

Starkillers delivers yet another powerhouse track in 2014, this time remixing Paris Brightledge's house classic. The track masterfully loops and manipulates the original vocals in the buildup and on top of the main beat. Out now.

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