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Top Techno Tracks of the Week - New Electronic Music

top 10 techno Tracks

This week it's all about getting down to the basics, cutting out all the trash and going with only the bare necessities. This week it's all about minimal techno. Now we're keeping it more focused on up and coming talent, but I wanted to share some of the best in minimal techno that's come across my path in recent days. It's great for keeping a party going, and it's got such potential to make any dance floor legendary. Don't be afraid, just sit back and enjoy the techno goodies we've found this week.

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1. “Low Frequency” Glitter, DJ Mandrak, Kush Records
A hit! We got a hit here! All that glitters minimal techno is gold. The kicks hit hard and it’s a beast, just ruthless and aggressive. One of my favorite tunes that I’ve stumbled upon this year. I could see this rocking a club or a festival, I’m really excited to see the traction this tune gets.

2. “Machina” Alec Tronic, ATREC Music Group
Well paced, well done, and a very driven piece of minimal techno. It keeps it fresh, changes it up in a very smooth manner, gliding along with its great rhythm.

3. “B Texture 5” Sawlin & Subjected, Electric Deluxe
It’s a techno dream through and through. There is effective layering in play that adds quite a poignant depth, giving it a distinct feeling of distance. I’m not sure if it’s a nightmare or a machine’s dream, but it’s definitely got the right stuff.

4. “Spank” Axel Karakasis, Alleanza
This song starts warm and heats up nicely to hot fire. There is a finely tuned progression propelled by its repetition to hypnotize. It leads you along only to unleash you into a wild frenzy.

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5. “Nobody” Minimal Allianz, ScandalBizz
Minimal masterpieces are few and far between, but I think we’ve got one right here. This song has been around for a little over a month, so forgive the late discovery, but I had to give props where they are due. This song is aggressive with its purpose to get you moving. Enjoy.

6. “Silent Trigger” Frank Kusserow, Sprow Recordings
Dubtechno is a new thing for me, and I’m falling in love, so you should too. There is an intriguing sensation of silence in this tune. Rather than going loud, it goes soft. In turn you to listen more attentively, and all of a sudden, you’re really into it.

7. “Treasure” Paul Strive, SCI+TEC
Off, this song simply goes off. The escalation of energy is exciting and fun. A new comer to the minimal techno scene, but on one of the most established labels, Paul Strive’s entire EP, People Want Techno, is magical and dancefloor ready.

8. “Confessions of a Wanted Man (Benjamin Damage Remix)” Alan Fitzpatrick, Drumcode
There’ s a great palpitating rhythm that guides you along here. Apparently this song is available on marbled vinyl as well, so it’s both art to the ears and eyes.

9. “Minimal” Owth
A minimal tune I stumbled onto on soundcloud. It’s a lot of fun, and all of its elements play nicely together. It’s like going on a pleasant walk in a futuristic landscape. Very cool indeed, if you’re into that sort of thing, which you should be if you’re into techno.

10. “What’s Up” Pele & Shawnecy, Cecille Records
We’re closing out this week with a tech house tune, that I’d argue falls on the more techno side of things, but feel free to disagree. The vocals lend themselves as a great refreshing element that adds more body to the on point rhythm and snares littered throughout. So, drop this tune, and you’ll know exactly what’s up.

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