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Top Ten Free EDM Downloads Of The Week


Time flies when you're desperately sifting through track after track of terrible music. However, after careful consideration and several mental breakdowns later, I've deemed these artists the worthiest of the week. Enjoy the free downloads!

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Switch Feat. Andrea Martin, "I Still Love You" (Yarin Lidor Remix)
I know I'm breaking some rules here. "I Still Love You" is six months old, but too bad because I still love it. This song is uncomfortably underrated so don't be that guy who refuses to share his music, forcing people to discreetly use the Shazam app under the table. Show this track some well-deserved love. Unquestionably, my number one.

Corona, "Rhythm Of The Night" (Hotel Garuda Remix)
If there's one thing I love more than a good remix, it's a good remix of a 90's song. Sure, it was a weird time, but that's what made it a great time. Enjoy the funky saxophone riffs featured in this mix and let this track play into the rhythm of your night.

t.A.T.u., "Not Gonna Get Us" (Purple Remix)
What's wonderful about electronic music is its endless variation and ability to cater to anyone's musical preference. If you're not into electronic music or harbor negative preconceived notions of the genre, listen to this track. Chances are you will probably end up grabbing the free download and coming back for more.

Outkast, "Moves Like Ms Jackson" (ZHU Remix)
New on the scene, ZHU skins this song bare to the bones and decorates its skeleton with sweet synths, a bumping bass and funky new sounds. Well done. Watch out for this kid.

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Beyonce, "Flawless" (Nina Las Vegas Remix)
Never thought I'd be promoting Queen B on an electronic music post, especially a song like "Flawless," but Nina Las Vegas stripped the song of bubblegum girl music and made it into dirty girl music. Genius.

Hardkiss - "Flowers Blooming"/"Glow Of Love "
New music from the classic dance act Hardkiss. Wanna go to the 90s? Well this is the ticket.

Shlohmo & Jeremih, "No More"
Shlohmo incorporates his signature basslines, but there's an unusual element to this track. It's hotter, dirtier and little bit nastier. That's always a good thing.

Goldroom, "Embrace" (Motez Edit)
Barely a day old, this track is almost too fresh for words. Normally, it's hard for me to listen to a song that's over five minutes, but these upbeat vibes will keep you hanging on and dancing along.

Wet, "Don't Wanna Be Your Girl" (Branchez Remix)
A beautiful voice, beautiful beats and perfectly placed pauses. Branchez has a way of making every sad song feel like it has a silver lining.

Kyle Woods & Ryne Estwing, "Nothing Left To Give"
Thought I'd end this week's round up on a sad and somber note. Depress yourself with this oh so slow track. The melancholic sounds and vocals are sure to reopen some old scars on your heart or deepen the ones on the freshly wounded. But who doesn't enjoy doing that to themselves every now and then?

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