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Top Ten Techno Tracks Of The Week - New Electronic Music

Top Ten Techno Tracks Of The Week - New Electronic Music

We’ve got some tasty new electronic music for you this week my good people! A couple known charatacters, but this week we’re trying to keep it on the fresh talent. These tunes will be perfect for all the people still getting after it in the gym with the New Years Resolutions, or they will be perfect for that 4 am underground scene, to each his or her own. All I know is what I know, and they’ve got me dancing. So why should I selfishly keep all this beautiful dancing to myself?

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1. “Planes & Trains (Dosem Remix)” Hot Since 82, Suara
Don’t get in the way, this song’s going somewhere. By plane, by train, by you get it… Sometimes you think things can’t get better, and then Dosem does his thing and you’ve got something that’ll turn any frown upside down.

2. Ultra” Costello, BNR Trax
Costello’s Pegasus EP goes hard and goes all over the place. There’s a serious energy that moves all over the spectrum from calm to ominous with just a touch of evil, and then absolutely nuts. It’s got a great evolution, where it reinvents itself several times throughout.

3. “Lost” Haz, Analogue is Dead
It’s a song that has an airy quality to it, a beat that breathes. It’s great minimal techno, very focused, driven, and it all leads to an amazing vocal that’ll surprise you a bit when it subtly hits.

4. “Sundub” SCSI-9, 200 Records
With echoing bird noises, Sundub is a track that’ll trip you up with its dubby elements, but only to great effect. Don’t get confused, it’s sweet, delicious, and without a doubt minimal techno. So if you like to chill out a bit when you groove out there in the party, SCSI-9’s got your best interests in mind with this one.

5. “One Day Later” Nicole Moudaber, Intec
Promoter turned DJ, Nicole Moudaber is getting after it in twenty fourteen with a bit of techno that’s got a metallic feel, it’s a living machine; frigid and focused. Don’t worry though, it’s still tons of fun.

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6. “Devil Chords” Taster Peter, Phobiq
It’s all about the chords, those devilish few that just seem to grab you. Here they are thick and constantly changing, seamlessly weaving through from breakdown to breakdown.

7. “Starting to Decay” Alessio Pili, Illegal Alien Records
This song gets a little weird with it, definitely like a mind beginning to collapse on itself. It starts sane enough, and then the intensity kicks in. The escalation is pleasantly consistent, with purpose, and then the distortion helps close it out.

8. “Fucking Bored” Johnny Kaos, Amazing Records
This song seems innocuous enough, but it has this declining quality, and the vocal starts haunting the tune. This song surprised me, and it’s got more personality than it lets on at the beginning.

9. “The Fox (Mattew Jay Remix)” Marco Bailey, MB Elektronics
Mattew Jay’s remixes Marco Bailey’s The Fox with a bold dynamism that you’ll love. You’d be hard pressed to dispute its explosive energy. The eerie effects and heavily filtered vocal add a great cool, almost cold, counterpoint that completes the song and hits hard.

10. “Infinity” Frankyeffe & Enrico Sangiuliano, Herzblut
The opening melody is special, feel free to apply what ever positive adjective you want, fact is it’s good. I would say it makes you want to fall in love, and next it makes you want to get down and dance. I mean, it seems like the perfect night out, right?

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