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UPDATE: U.S. Parks Service Rejects Proposal For Daft Punk Concert Near Devils Tower; Tour Still In Works?


It looks like EDM culture titans Daft Punk have been denied the ability to move forward with their idea of holding a concert near the Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming.

U.S. Parks Service Rejects Proposal For Daft Punk Concert Near Devils Tower; Tour Still In Works?

The news, first reported by Daniel Simmons-Richie of the Rapid City Journal in South Dakota says the following:

The National Park Service said Tuesday that it has rejected a proposal by Daft Punk, an electronic music group renowned for elaborate live concerts, to host a show on private land adjacent to the Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming.

Reed Robinson, superintendent for Devils Tower National Monument, said an agency representing the group, ICM Partners, approached the park in the fall and the park officially denied the request on Jan. 31.

Robinson said the park consulted with six Native American tribes about the proposal, all of which generally agreed that it would be a disrespectful use of one of the country's most sacred Native American sites.

However, this does not mean that a Daft Punk tour is out of the question as Robinson goes on to state that he believes ICM Partners are scouting locations across the world for a concert or multiple concerts to be held around the summer.

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If it were to have taken place, the Devils Tower show would have been held on a private ranch for an estimated amount of 50,000 fans. The moment, highlighted in the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, was to have been lighted up with lasers at it's base.

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ICM Partners has released the following statement:

"ICM Partners approached the National Park Service regarding an event which would be held on private property but would include proposed lighting elements at Devils Tower... The agency submitted more than a dozen suggested performers, including Daft Punk, as a sample lineup to the National Park Service.  As is the usual case with a music festival, the acts proposed were simply performers and not involved with the planning of this event.”

However, Reed Robinson, the Park Superintendent quoted above, has told the Rapid City Journal that he was under the "strong impression"  that ICM Partners intended to host Daft Punk at the proposed concert.

Questions as to whether or not ICM Partners was authorized, by either Daft Punk  or  CAA (Daft Punk's agency), to use the electronic music duo's name in the proposal have gone without response.

Source:Rapid City Journal Via

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