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We Chat With The Glitch Mob In A 19th Century Green Room; Plus Premiere Of “Our Demons” Official Visuals

Image Credit: Kristi Knupp

We Chat With The Glitch Mob In A 19th Century “Green Room”; Plus Premiere Of “Our Demons” Official Visuals

It was approaching 5:30PM on the first Thursday of February. Unanticipated oddities of grey, gloom, and drizzle hung over Hollywood. In a staccato of rushed footsteps, I raced through Beverly Boulevard, while sheathed under miniature canopies of palm trees, meticulously navigated away from rain puddles, and finally arrived punctually at the Sonos Studio, a mid-size gallery acquired by the infamous Hi-Fi sound system powerhouse.

That night, it played host to the release party of Los Angeles’ favorite beat trio, The Glitch Mob’s new album, Love, Death & Immortality. I was led into the most peculiar looking “green room”. Bolstering shades of crimson, brown, and purple, potent smell of leather, old books, and antique furniture, an elegant resemblance to a mid-19th century study of some random European scholar.

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The Glitch Mob sat there on a rustic couch; all dressed in black, and radiating with excitement. And for good reason! Their newest album is a day away from official release and the response has been phenomenal so far. For nearly two years, Justin Boreta (Boreta), Edward Ma (edIT), and Josh Mayer (Ooah) have been on the grind to complete their second LP, while touring North America & Internationally.

“…People ask us all the time why it took us two years to write a record? We are three perfectionists, and our music has to satisfy all of us, so that’s why the Venn diagram of where that intersects is so small. But that’s also what is the magic and mystery behind coming together as The Glitch Mob, because individually we couldn’t make that type of unique sound.”

It is a known truth that for any successful artist, the sophomore project is always more heavily scrutinized due to the success of the first. This applies to The Glitch Mob, as their first album, Drink The Sea, made over 80,000 record sales and is still in the top 10-electronica charts on iTunes, three years later. When asked how the mob gauged their own artistry and sound development in the past two years, they said, “There is a mysterious X factor in our process. It’s like one big Ouija board. When we finish a song, it never sounds like what he had first had in mind. It’s like the music is coming out of us, but sometimes it feels like it naturally steers the ship, even though we’re the ones in control.”

A host of collaborators, particularly vocalists, have been featured on the record all of which were handpicked for it, “We find people who see the world in the same way as we do, then give them the music, and see what they come up with.” This instinctual guide has been the driving force behind their success. The cover art of the samurai – designed by artist, Aerosyn Lex- perfectly captures, “the spiritual samurai philosophy”. They explain, “It’s meant to highlight the ideologies of crushing your problems or triumphing in the face of adversity and connecting with things around you naturally, while maintaining a calm and gracious outlook on life.”

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One of the things that first drew me to The Glitch Mob is their ability to switch among instruments when playing live. This sounds challenging, especially in front of thousands of people, but the mob handles it with ease. Just through our conversation, I noticed how naturally these three worked off of one another to answer my questions. There seems to be an unmatched level of authenticity and synchronicity in their nature that is evident in their record. Love Death Immortality is an epically cinematic record with undulating synths, thunderous drum work, aggressive rock riffs, raw samples, and signature, mind melding subsonic bass lines designed by warriors whose motive is to unleash our inner warriors. Ooah sums it up perfectly as, “Adventure dance music”.

Whilst 2014 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for the LA beatsmiths, headlining festivals like Coachella, Ultra Music Festival, Buku, and more, when asked about the possibility of releasing Drink The Sea Part 3 they said, “That’s a good question, they’re a bunch of tracks that never made it onto the first one, so you never know.”


In order to support The Glitch Mob's album release tomorrow, we just got the exclusive premiere the official visuals of their track, “Our Demons” featuring the vocals of Nico Vega’s lead singer, Aja Volkman. Check it out:

The track opens with gentle melodies, steady 4x4s, and the high-octane vocals of Volkman and then as soon as the beat drops, epic – hardcore riffs take center stage. Those trippy black ink visuals by Strangeloop are a serious mind-bender too. I know I’d rather have my psychologist use those visuals to ‘counsel me’ rather than flash cards with black splotches everywhere.

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