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A Countdown Of 20 Life Changing EDM Festivals From Around the World

Magnetic's Guide to 20 Life Changing Festivals Around the World

Over the last two decades, Music & Arts Festivals have become an international staple in worldly culture. From Rock & Roll to Jazz, Reggae to Blues, Hip-Hop to Country, festivals have become an outlet for fans alike to come together for the sole purpose of musical freedom. While festivals have catered to Electronic Music genres in the past, their headliners were rarely an act whose set consisted of vinyl records, CDJ’s, or a laptop.

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Fast forward to recent years, and we see that Electronic Music acts are not only present in the historical multi-genre music festivals, they are now standalone festivals rarely seeking the inclusion of outside genres, a multi-million dollar industry in itself. EDM culutre festivals can be found anywhere, anytime, at any given moment. New ones are popping up every year, veteran ones are dying out, and the ever so present desire to fulfill the need for wanderlust is among millions of fans.

Here are our Top 20 Festivals (Active & Hiatus) that are a must-see before you hang up your festival shoes and retire your passport. These are festivals around the world that have the ability to change your life. Go out and see something!

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