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A Quick Chat With House Music Trio Apollonia On The Road To Winter Music Conference

A Quick Chat With House Music Trio Apollonia On The Road To Winter Music Conference

It's an exciting time for house music as Winter Music Conference/Miami Music Week and festival season are right around the corner. In anticipation, we talked to house music trio Apollonia (Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom and Shonky) about this year's Conference and what they have in store for the rest of the year. They touch on Miami, Ibiza, BPM festival and even give a mention of a debut album, which we were definitely excited to hear.

Take a read:

Tell us about your group’s name. What are the origins of ‘Apollonia’?

The name comes from Apollonia 6. Apollonia was the lead singer of the band (which was produced by Prince). It’s also the name of Prince’s girlfriend in the movie Purple Rain.

Can we expect an Apollonia artist album anytime in the near future?

We’re actually working on it at the moment. We started a project in October after the Ibiza Season. We took a month off in January to recharge our batteries and now we’re back on it. We expect to release it around September/ October.

What did you guys think of The BPM Festival this year?

The festival was really good. We had a really nice Apollonia showcase at Fusion. All our friends came and it was a great party. Its not always possible to play long sets overseas and this time we had more than 7 hours to express ourselves.

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Did you go to any other parties while you were at BPM? Were there any standout parties worth talking of or any DJ set highlights?

We tried to go to a lot of different parties - a lot of our friends had their own showcases. It’s hard to pick one party in particular, but what we will say is that the festival was really good! On top of that the weather was quite grey, so it was a good reason to party more than go to the beach.

Winter Music Conference is just around the corner, what do you think sets BPM apart from Miami?

I guess Miami is more mainstream. There’s our scene but the commercial scene is also represented there. Miami has become more global, and you have Ultra festival going on at the same time.

At the WMC, your showcase is on March 24th at Treehouse, and then you’re playing at Richie Hawtin’s ‘Enter’ on the 28th… how will you approach each gig?

We never prepare for any gigs. Usually we like to go with the flow and keep things more spontaneous. The rule is always the same: we play one record each, switching off all night long. Its always nice to play at Treehouse – we’ve been doing our showcase for about three years now, and we’re excited to join Richie Hawtin for his night.

We know you guys love Ibiza and that you’ve put lots of work in there… Will you be spending a lot of time there this year?

We love Ibiza too much to be away from it. But this year we’re gonna be so busy with the album along with the gigs and festivals elsewhere So we’ll probably spend most of our time between Ibiza, Paris and Berlin.

In Miami for WMC? You can catch Apollonia at Treehouse on March 24th and at Richie Hawtin's Enter on March 28th.

Apollonia Worldwide Tour Dates
March 22 Mexico City, Mexico @ Tara Roma
March 24 Miami, FL @ Treehouse (Lola Ed Takeover and Fathers & Sons Showcase)
March 28 Miami, FL @ Ice Palace (ENTER.Miami)
April 4 Kent, England @ The Tunnel
April 26 Manchester, England @ Sankeys
May 25 London, England @ We Are FSTVL
May 29 Lyon, France @ Nuits Sonores
May 30 Rome, Italy @ Rashomon
May 31 Ibiza, Spain @ Amnesia
June 6 Paris, France @ Weather Festival
June 30 Pag Island, Croatia @ Hideout Festival
August 18 Pag Island, Croatia @ Sonus Festival

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