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Austin Community Foundation Presents 'SXSW Cares Fund'

It's been nearly a week since tragedy struck the Southwest Music & Film Festival in Austin, Texas. The impact of the horrific accident, leaving three dead and two dozen injured remains heavy in the city; with many questions left unanswered and hearts to be mended. While some victims have stepped up to speak out on their memories of the collision, most have remained in silence - piecing together their own recollection and how to move forward from such a situation.

Austin Community Foundation Presents 'SXSW Cares Fund'

Greg Cerna (19), a UT sophomore attempts to piece together the time between walking the street from SXSW and waking up in the hospital:

"On one hand I'm thankful I don't remember what exactly happened because if I did, it would be truly traumatic, and that's probably why my body forgot it... But on the other hand, it's just so incredibly frustrating, because this experience will definitely have a significant impact on the rest of my life, and I'll never know for sure what happened."

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- Huffington Post, March 2014

Want to help?

The Austin Community Foundation has set up a very special fund in lieu of the accident, The SXSW Cares Fund. The fund has been established to help those affected by the drunk-driving incident, with the goal of creating a community of assistance for tragic accidents of similar nature now, and in the future. To make a donation or learn more, please Click Here.

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