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Datsik To Close The Rockstar Digital Assassins Tour In Los Angeles This Saturday - EDM Culture


Datsik To Close The Rockstar Digital Assassins Tour In Los Angeles This Saturday - EDM Culture

A lot of tours in EDM culture say they "blew the roof off". Dubstep DJ/Producer Datsik's Rockstar Digital Assassins Tour actually did. On February 8th at the Concord Music Hall in Chicago, the a section of the roof actually collapsed during the Must Die!'s set, forcing an evacuation of the venue the cancellation of the rest of the show. Three men were even taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Datsik (real name Troy Beetles), while cognizant of how serious the situation could have become, chalks that up as one of the most insane moments of the tour. "After the show it was so crazy, we were sitting on the bus after the show, all of us in a weird mood... All of the sudden, we look out the window and all these vans are outside. NBC is there, Fox is there, and they are doing these news stories.  It was nuts. It was a memory I won't forget... having our sound system destroy a building...".

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This is just one story on a tour that Beetles describes as being "pretty out of control". Beginning on January 16th of this year in Philadelphia, ending this Saturday, March 8th in Los Angeles, and hitting cities like New York, Grand Rapids, Cincinnati, Vancouver, Seattle and San Francisco along the way, the tour has hit almost every corner of America.

Along the way, Datsik, who also runs Firepower Records, has brought along a rotating list of fellow dubstep/bass DJs and producers to perform in the every city. The seven supporting artists are Antiserum, Getter, Herobust, Heros X Villians, Must Die!, Protohype, and Sub Antix, all carefully selected by Beetles himself.

He goes on to say "The biggest and best part of doing these tours is that I get to spend all this time with my friends/label mates and get to have fun. Ultimately we're doing this shit because of the music, but we're traveling across the country in a different setting every night, there's never a dull moment."

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"Never a dull moment" is absolutely right when touring North America in the middle of winter, bringing your own sound system and visual effects to every show. Bad weather hit on the road from Providence, Rhode Island to Buffalo, New York, and while the performers were able to get the venue,  the customized sound system and "Votex Lumen" visual rig did not.

It seems as though the fans didn't mind, as Beetles says "I have give to a shout out to Buffalo. We didn't have any off our stuff, except for DJ gear, and it didn't even matter. It was one of our best shows just because of the fact that the [crowd] was so down for the music... It was like a huge house party"

The excitement in Beetle's voice as he relives these stories reveals how much fun he has had the tour.  He becomes a bit nostalgic when asked what we can expect in his final show in Los Angeles.

"Considering that it's my last show of the tour, I've got to do something special" he says. "It might be the last time I tour with this particular crew, and we've done four tours together. It's going to be crazy, LA is now my hometown, all my homies are coming out too. It's going to be a sick show and I can't wait!".

The Rockstar Datsik Digital Assassins tour is in San Francisco tonight and ends in Los Angeles at the Wiltern Theater tomorrow, March 8th. You can purchase tickets here.

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