deadmau5 Plays "Levels" & "Animals" At Ultra, Then Spats With Tiesto On Twitter


deadmau5 Plays "Levels" & "Animals" At Ultra, Then Spats With Tiesto On Twitter

What does a rumored $800k booking fee get you with EDM culture's resident rodent, deadmau5 (real name Joel Zimmerman)? Well, you get a pretty creative hour long headlining set at this year's Ultra Music Festival with a couple of "troll or tribute?" moments. You never can tell with the mau5.

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Actually, it was pretty apparent when he dropped the "old MacDonald had a farm" remix of Martin Garrix's 2013 smash "Animals" that he was going level 10 ballistic troll on Miami. In the official Ultra TV stream Zimmerman actually gets on the mic in front of the DJ booth and said how much he "loved" the remix.

Then about 40 minutes in, he dropped the chords of "Levels" in for a few seconds, giving what some say was an Avicii tribute. Others say it was a troll maneuver. He also could have just been playing for the crowd (like any good DJ should do).  I'm not seeing anything too ironic about playing an Avicii song in your set, especially when you're filling for dude.

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Tiesto,  however, seemed to believe it was a troll move when he tweeted

deadmau5 tweeted back at Tiesto, wondering "how does one play a song sarcastically?". He has since deleted the tweet.

Zimmerman was booked as a last minuted replacement for Avicii, who cancelled on due to emergency gall bladder surgery.

You can listen to deadmau5' entire Ultra Music Festival set below. It's definitely worth checking out, not as ground breaking as many are claiming, but it has some great moments- especially when he gets a little minimal techno. It's impressive just for the fact that he put it together last minute and gave the crowd exactly what they wanted-- kind of.

Were you not entertained?

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