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Dee Sanae's Monday Mash-Up Of All The News In EDM Culture

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Dee Sanae's Monday Mash-Up Of All The News In EDM Culture


Mainstage Of Ultra Music Festival 2014

Where do I begin?  A lot seems to have happened this past week in EDM culture.  Ultra Music Festival looks like it might not be returning from the sounds of Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado who said “With the drug use and the noise, I have to say that Ultra has overstepped its welcome.”

Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff issued a proposal to stop giving permits to UMF, which Regalado is backing up. It seemed to be the last string for the festival when security guard, Erica Mack was trampled by ticketless fans that stampeded the gates to gain entry.  Mack is in critical condition and suffered a broken leg and brain hemorrhaging. On behalf of Magnetic, I am wishing her a speedy and healthy recovery.

Dee Sanae's Monday Mash-Up Of All The News In EDM Culture

The UMF has been around for a while bringing worldwide acts that spawned from the annual Winter Music Conference in Miami.  I have had my fair share and priceless memories at Ultra when it first started; I hope this all can be rectified between the city and UMF.  Should they also this event a 21+ event? Let’s hope that just because they ended early that UMF will be able to get safety under control.

More Miami/UMF news - Avicii cancelled his show at Ultra and was hospitalized.  It is now known that he had to forgo gallbladder surgery and he is recovering just fine.  I have had that and while it’s nothing major, the pain is not pretty.  Good luck Avicii!

Scuba, Stefan from Dada Life and Laidback Luke were among others that cancelled.  But for Laidback Luke, it wasn’t from any abdominal or head injuries (like poor Afrojack), it was because he just became a new father of a baby girl.  Mazal tov Gina and Luke!

Dee Sanae's Monday Mash-Up Of All The News In EDM Culture
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So, in other news,  Moby being sued for a copyright infringement from a song from over 22 years ago- really!? Yup, it’s true and apparently the same company (VMG Salsoul)  also had a go at Madonna for "Vogue" recently but failed.  Let’s just be honest dance music has always sampled and made loops from other’s music.   Now that EDM has caught on to the rest of world, those who used to make fun of it now see the genre as a cash cow and cry, "money money muhnnnney, MONEY!" (Sing it of course).   Alas, I do love me some Moby and always will,  but that doesn’t seem like that’s the only thing the EDM icon has been umm..err sampling and being sued about.  According to the satire site Wunderground,Moby is sued for stealing urine samples? I know he is a self-proclaimed Vegan and humanitarian, but isn't this a little extreme?

And it looks like David Guetta's "Love Is Gone".  After a renewal of vows on the exotic land of Ibiza, it looks like David Guetta and wife Cathy called it quites,  one year shy of their 25th anniversary.  The Electronic music powerhouse producer has two children with Cathy  Other outlets have covered that they were and it was finalized in a Parisian court.

A bit confusing though-  Instagram says differently as Cathy posted this:  “I'm with my husband David on tour friday Night @lasvegas @XS Great time.”  Perhaps, they aren’t ready to tell the world yet, as many celebrities do or perhaps it’s all fluff.  But we hope the love is still on, can I just add that they are such a hot married couple!

As you may know I like to highlight and uncover the who’s who of the music industry.  There’s a whole lot to making the big names who they are so I enjoy writing and reading about the industry insiders.  These are the ones that are underrated but who totally deserve.  shout-outs.  This weekI am giving it up for (not such a) newcomer Israeli DJ and producer, Guy J. He's also the owner of  the Lost and Found Record Label.  If you don’t know, now you do! It’s worth listening and taking a look here:

Dee Sanae's Monday Mash-Up Of All The News In EDM Culture

Last but certainly not least, BIG HITTER George Hess had a feature on Magnetic this week.  He has 25 years in the music industry with a huge focus on EDM... you know that #Selfie song? Well the reason probably why you do is because of Hess!

This mash-up was full of it, right?  Love, miracle of life, injuries, possible divorce, good music and umm yea for some, takin’ the piss (no pun intended).  Stay tuned until next week, the universe seems to be unpredictable and it looks as if EDM is too!

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