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Dee Sanae's Monday Mash-Up Of The Stories Making News In EDM Culture

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Magnetic's Monday Mash-up Of EDM News

From the newsworthy polar vortex invasion and unpredictable snow showers on the East Coast; to a 4.7 earthquake in Hollywood and a missing (now found?)  Malaysian flight, things have been mad!  With that being said, the mystery flight didn’t deter EDM DJ’s Markus Schulz, Armin van Buuren, and Paul van Dyk from playing Future Music Festival Asia in Kuala Lumpur before it got cancelled.  College basketball is not the only reason we can say #Marchisthemadness #Marchmadness!

Keeping it a little light and more musically friendly, Magnetic rolled out it’s first DJ March Madness this year, the second round started this past Saturday.  Even though I’ve never competed in a bracket of anything, I think it’s a pretty clever idea for all the EDM know-it-alls!

I think just about everyone I know had a MySpace page, and it was the shiznit before Facebook drowned them out.  And since, FB as artistic and love seeing the wonders of photography and creativity, I have tumbled or should I just say became a Tumblr.  From Yonce’ to every other EDM musician, they seem to have a presence on there.  I wanna pose the question which has been brought up by Forbes, Will this be the new MySpace or even better? I do love me some Tumblr but, unless they change the layout for the not-so-tech savvy I don’t see how.  I have seen some pages that have been created by their web designers to have the look and feel of MySpace but that’s a whole different topic. I like the simplicity of Tumblr but it doesn’t make it as easy to get followers on the site, without it’s cheesy wrangling of follow me back and I will follow you. FB still tops getting friend requests or followers from across the world with no idea how they found you.

Magnetic's Monday EDM News Mash-Up

Winter Music Conference aka Miami Music Week  starts on the 25th but I am sure all the parties have already commenced on Friday.   So my agenda would be to hit up “The Kings of House 2014 WMC Pool Party with David Morales and Louie Vega and have a taste of Ibiza at The Lounge 665.  Tuesday,  I have to hit up Nikki Beach and Lost At Sea and close out with Paco Osuna, who is underrated in my opinion.  Wednesday, you haven’t experienced Miami if you of course, haven’t gone to the Clevelander, so I will for Umek, because I love a good techno set, try to make the "Found at Sea" for Joseph Capriati and hit up Nikki Beach again for Spinnin Sessions before I go on a trek across the bridge to Space for Marco Carola and Loco Dice.  If I am not completely knackered by the Thursday, I will be at the Delano Beach Club (which I think will be hard party to leave) with Steve Aoki, Martin Solveig, Chus & Ceballos, Deorro, and Autoerotique.  If I can peel myself away from this party I would then manage to get to Dream to hear PVD.  Friday, I would sleep in because Lord knows I will need it.  I would catch Factomania Group vs. Zenbi Recordings and probably never leave since “I’m A House Gangster” will also be there.  Saturday, go out to refresh and regroup myself on the “Born Electric Cruise” with  James Zabiela and Scuba…the make room for some John Digweed at Vagabond, then Danny Tenaglia before I get rest and board my flight back to reality.

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Well after Tiësto and his unfortunate accident in San Jose, it seems like he’s recovering just fine from his cancellation in Los Angeles.  His Facebook post on March 22nd received tons of love, while I am sure they are all awaiting a confirmed make-up  date.

I still can’t believe the enormous merge and presence of EDM at this year’s Grammy’s and the track that has become a  favorite for me “Get Lucky.” Who would have thought of Stevie Wonder, Nile Rodgers, Pharrell and Daft Punk with a cameo from Mr. McCartney ten years ago?  Well, you really can’t. The knight himself is really still trying to hang in there, isn’t he?

iPhone 6...seriously or srsly (in cyberebonics) didn’t they just release the iPhone 5c and 5s…I love Apple but snooze.  Start-up tech talk again, Gigwell, it’s made it’s presence at SXSW this year and WMC.  What is it you ask, well it’s the first cloud-based booking platform that makes artist bookings, payments and all the other stuff that make a DJ performance happen much more seamless.  DJs if you are curious about it you can download the app for free.

Skrillex's release of “All is Fair in Love and Brostep” could be heard on our site and Soundcloud, well it’s no longer available but, I did enjoy his set/picks on-> Skrillex on ITunes , not usually my speed in music either.  But I got to give it to him on this one.  Some other songs that I enjoyed listening to again were Beacon's "Bring you Back" (an older track but still melodic and vocally wicked).  New gems that I love and actually I can tell you it’s Skrillex-approved (he seems to be on my radar a bit much, eh?) is "What so Not's"- High You Are and "Hippie Sabotage- Stay High" is really catching airplay in the UK.

So stay high with hopes and dreams, I would like to hear from you before the next Monday Mash-Up.  You can leave the comments in the thread below.

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