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DJ Gear: Technics 1210 Stokyo MCC Refurbished Turntable


DJ Gear: Technics 1210 Stokyo MCC Refurbished Turntable

To say that Technics left  a void in EDM culture when they discontinued the industry standard 1200 series turntable is an understatement. While companies like Stanton, Vestax and Re-Loop have some great models out there, it's pretty clear there will never be a replacement for the iconic "wheels of steel".

If you're looking for new Technics in 2014, you're pretty much s.o.l., as the price has sky rocketed and any stock has pretty much dried up.  Vinyl jocks have been forced to go to sites like eBay and craigslist, where the product can be described as "iffy" at best.

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Well DJ gear company Stokyo has come up with a solution for those of you in the market for some new 12's. They are now offering Japanese market Technics turntables, completely refurbished after a 100 point inspection, using only authentic Panasonic parts (Panasonic the parent company to Technics).

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DJ Gear: Technics 1210 Stokyo MCC Refurbished Turntable

The refurbishing process pays particular focus to critical areas like the tone arm, tone arm assembly, wiring, platter, motor, balance, pitch, rotation etc., all of which examined and further tested on the oscilloscope, balance instruments and mechanical rotation counter.

Once the turntable passes the inspection and calibrated to factory specs, the entire turntable is detail cleaned and polished. So while you may not get a brand new Technics, you do have one that's guaranteed to function like it's fresh out the box (minus a few cosmetic imperfections).

Each turntable even comes with its own checklist, reviewing the inspection process and any work done. They also come with a one year warranty.

They retail at $799, which is less than half of what a new one is going for. They are available on

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