EDM Charts: Top 10 Drum & Bass Songs Of The Week


By: Matthew Meadow

EDM Charts: Top 10 Drum & Bass Songs Of The Week

Hope you guys had a good week, now it's time to get started into the weekend with some new drum & bass tunes. This week, I'm going to introduce drumstep to the list, as well, as it is defined as half-time drum & bass - so the melody and tempo are still there, but the drums are slower. Without further ado, let's get into it!

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1. Downlink, Raw Power (Figure Remix)
Starting off with drumstep, there is absolutely no one better to show us how it's done than Figure. "Raw Power" from Downlink's latest EP, The Launch, already meshed so well with Figure's signature sound, it would be odd if that wasn't the track he chose. Infusing the original with some, well... raw power... Figure gets this track off the ground and into the stratosphere.

2. Laszlo, Fall To Light
Compared to the gritty, dark side of jungle, this track is what I've been yearning for lately. The flighty synths and uplifting melody while still going hard with the 170 BPM is exactly my cup of tea. Beautifully designed, the track flows and builds upon itself, never getting boring, not even for a second.

3. Skindred, Kill The Power (Cyantific Remix)
Then again, even though I say that I'm kind of over the jungle sound, Cyantific comes and makes this absolute banger. It's odd that I still can't pinpoint what it is about this sound that makes it so appealing, but when I find out, I'll be sure to let you know. This one's got layers... I like layers.

4. Funk Effect, Life (Monkey Freakz Remix)
Clocking in as drumstep, as opposed to drum & bass, this track still has plenty of energy. Using modern growl synths has brought this genre into current relevance and it's not going anywhere soon. Additionally, one of the nice things about drumstep is that the tracks often have a drum & bass breakdown at some point. Drumstep producers always love to one-up themselves, even within a track. This one comes as a free download, too.

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5. Big Gigantic & Black Sun Empire feat. YouthStar, All Just For The Thrill (SoEcentrik Bootleg)
Big Gigantic recently released their newest album, The Night Is Young. SoEcentrik takes the track one step futher, creating a bootleg mashup between "Just For The Thrill" by Big Gigantic and "All Is Lost" by Black Sun Empire. The result is this hugely accelerating drum & bass track with reinvigorated energy and substance. It's short, but oh so sweet.

6. Nine Inch Nails, The Hand That Feeds (Zardonic Remix)
Zardonic makes it into the list two weeks in a row - and all you need to know why is that title. He does Nine Inch Nails justice with this massive remix that doesn't let up for a full six minutes. That amp Zardonic uses for the guitar lead is just so perfect for this track, you don't have a chance to catch your breath. And why would you? You should be singing along.

7. MaHi, Another Day
Just barely making the cut-off for this week's chart, MaHi takes us on a magical journey of melody that soothes and relaxes as much as it gets you pumped up. Excellent sound design and creativity make this a stand-out track and I'm happy I dug far enough to find it.

8. Mayel, Salamandra
Mayel has 24 likes on Facebook. Twenty. Four. And he goes an makes something like this? Nuh-uh. He must have been a producer in a past life because this is madness. One of the finest drum & bass tracks I've heard in a long time. Energy and pacing aside, every sound is in just the right place and it keeps you wanting more the whole way through. Keep an eye on Mayel - if he keeps putting out quality like this, he's gonna get huge. I guarantee it. This one is a free download, as well.

9.Dead Rumble, Freaks
Love the epic build, love the drop even more. This ventures into jump up territory - another offshoot of drum & bass. Bouncier kicks and a overall more party sound, "Freaks" is for all the freaks out there. The high-energy sections are short, but they're powerful.

10. Heist, Plot Treason
Rounding out our list, another jump up tune from Heist. Lots of classic synths, wobbles and growls in this one with a really tight drum pattern - doesn't get more textbook than this. Heist delivers on this massive track, and he's giving it away for free, too

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