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Get to Know - Chicago Dubstep DJ Whoa-B

Get to Know - Chicago Dubstep DJ Whoa-B


Whoa-B's Ten Minute Dubstep Mix

In my very first “Get to Know” segment, I’m very proud to present you with Whoa-B, a prominent dubstep, grime, and bass DJ from Chicago. Many of you heads out there have seen his name before, as he's been playing out since 2004. In the days before YouTube was a hot mess, the top result for “dubstep” was Whoa-B’s video: “TEN MINUTE DUBSTEP MIX”. To this day, it has 2,631,876 views, which is amazing for a video that contains not one second of boltsinblenderstep.

Whoa-B is doing an AMA right now, so you can ask him more about his personal life and preferences there. I'll let his amazing mixes do the talking for now.

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