Guest DJ Chart: MADE's Top 10 "Secret Weapon" Tracks for April

Guest DJ Chart: MADE's Top 10 "Secret Weapon" Tracks for April

Every DJ in EDM culture has a compilation of songs tucked into their back pocket, and with Southern California based DJ-Duo MADE the possibilities are endless. Welcome to MADE's monthly Secret Weapons list, where 120 meets 150 and genre barriers are nowhere to be found. Brian LaPierre and Cody Cox are the production masterminds behind this multi-genre, open alias, "no rules" duo, and with musical backgrounds ranging from Death Metal to Country, Hip-Hop to Pop and Rock to R&B - their uncanny & effortless ability to filter, mix and produce unique sets doesn't surprise us.

Although a duo, their individual endeavors remain a large part of their DJ identities. Find them as a pair, and you'll be escorted on a journey through the world of melodic, uplifting trance, psy/goa trance, and hard trance flavors. But catch them apart and you'll fall into a labyrinth of Dubstep, Hardstyle, Trap, UK Hardcore, and Orchestral strings.

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MADE's Secret Weapons - April

From the artist...

"Since the concept of trance is so wildly evolved nowadays, and the fact that we usually rage from 128-150+ BPM, we are presented with a never-ending variety of talented artists and tracks to choose from. We always like to play tracks we know the crowd most likely hasn't heard of yet, each with many different feels. Tracks to make them dance, love, cry, unite and straight up lose their mind to! We always have to drop an old school track in each set though, and if the crowd shows they're wild enough, we end it with hardstyle!"
- Brian, MADE

"Its all about spreading the love and culture that dance music offers. I'll never forget how life changing it was to see Armin perform at my first event... The love and energy I felt was unbelievable! It was electric, truly ecstasy! I see it as my mission to share that same love and experience I felt with as many people that I can. We're changing lives one beat at a time."
- Cody, MADE

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MADE's Secret Weapons - April

Quantum - Alexander Popov - Armind Holland
BPM: 128 | Length: 05:30 | Uplifting Trance

Ghost Town - W&W - Mainstage Music
BPM: 130 | Length: 05:15 | Progressive Trance

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Empire of Hearts - Gaia - Armind Holland
BPM: 132 | Length: 06:09 | Uplifting Trance

Regulators - Sied Van Riel+Bjorn Akesson - Future Sound of Egypt
BPM: 132 | Length: 06:38 | Euphoric Trance

Creatures of the Night (Adam Ellis Remix) - Menno De Jong+Noire Lee - In Trance We Trust
BPM: 140 | Length: 07:50 | Vocal Trance

Save Your Last Breath - Allen & Envy + Sarah Lynn - How Trance Works
BPM: 138 | Length: 07:08 | Vocal/Melodic Trance

Terraforming - Darren Porter - Monster Digital
BPM: 140 | Length: 06:39 | Uplifting Trance

Stungun - Paul Denton - Defcon Recordings
BPM: 140 | Length: 08:00 | Tech-Trance

Goa Vibrations - Ananda Shake - Mainstage Music
BPM: 144 | Length: 07:59 | Psy/Goa Trance

You & I (DaTweekaz Remix) - Darren Styles + Gammer - Dirty Workz
BPM: 150 | Length: 06:12 | Hardstyle

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