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Headphone Review: Audiofly AF78 Professional In-Ear Monitors

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Headphone Review: Audiofly AF78 Professional In-Ear Monitors

High-end headphone company Audiofly has been making a substantial amount of noise in EDM culture recently, especially with their recent Tiesto collaboration on the Clublife headphone series. Prior to this, Audiofly has emerged as one of the leading in-ear monitor companies with its AF series.  The flagship model is the AF78, which is almost certainly manufactured according to their credo of  "obsessions as musicians guiding the development of their products".

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They sent a pair over for us to check out, and I've been demoing the headphones for about the past month. I've used them in a variety of listening environments- on the subway, at the gym, listening while at work, and even for practice DJ sessions and mix monitoring. The results were impressive, especially with the AF78s performing well in all environments.

Here is a break down on how they stack up in important areas to consider when purchasing quality, high end headphones- construction, comfort, and, of course, audio quality.

Headphone Review: Audiofly AF78 Professional In-Ear Monitors


The anodized alloy outer housing keeps the AF78s lightweight without sacrificing durability (and the laser cut venting allows for excellent acoustics). Both the foam and silicon tips are of the utmost quality and durability, and switching between these two fitting options was easy. The cord has a cloth lining to make it tangle resistant, which also allows untangling them a snap. All of the construction features came together nicely to make a pair of light, durable headphones that a exhibited a feeling of genuine quality.

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Once I got the AF78 fitted with the proper size silicon tips, they were one of the most comfortable sets of in ear monitors I have tried on. They sat nicely in my ears, and even in all the listening settings listed above, rarely was I re-positioning them for a better fit. However, when I switched to the form fitting foam tips, I did notice myself re-adjusting them every few minutes, especially in active settings.

Audio Quality:

Now we come to the most important part – audio quality. After a few hours, the headphones really opened up, allowing for great separation of sounds. I could hear all the instruments and vocals clearly, with very little distortion of the frequencies. If you like your music loud, the AF78s get there, but there really is no need. I was listening to music on these headphones at about seventy percent of my normal level, with a full sound most lower-end monitors don't provide. Good for my ears for sure. When used for phone calls, the AF78s were crisp and clear, with no complaints or "you sound muffled" from people on the other end of the line.


The Audio Fly AF78s are priced at $199, pretty high when it comes to in-ear monitors. However, with several other sub par brands getting close to or exceeding this price point, the AF78s easily justify their value. The sound quality is excellent and they leave nothing lacking when it came to comfort and durability. If they are in your price range, these headphones come highly recommended.

You can purchase the Audiofly AF78 In-Ear monitors on Amazon.


Machined anodized alloy outer housing with precision laser cut venting for acoustic optimization
Custom voiced 9mm dynamic driver
Premium balanced armature driver
Cable strain relief with right hand braille marker
Acoustically engineered sound port
High grade silicon tips for a customized fit

DriverType: 9mm Dyn/Balanced Armature
Magnet Type: Neodymium
Frequency Range:  18-22KHz
Cable Length: 1.2m
Plug Type: 3.5mm gold plated
Impedance:  16 Ohms
Sensitivity: 108dB at 1kHz

Headphone Review: Audiofly AF78 Professional In-Ear Monitors

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