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New Electronic Music Chart - Top 10 Drum & Bass Songs Of The Week


By: Matthew Meadow

New Electronic Music Chart- Top 10 Drum & Bass Songs Of The Week

Compared to last week, I actually found the majority of these tracks within a couple of days. Just goes to show how fickle the electronic music world is, where one week not so many great tracks are coming out and then BAM, the next week we have pretty much ten absolute bangers, along with one of the best tracks I have heard in months.

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1. State Of Mind, Helios
First up is this track by State Of Mind. They have an LP coming out April 14th and released this track (which isn't even on the release) to build hype. It brings absolute mayhem with that percussive bass, juxtaposed with the calm and serene back-up vocals. It has a neuro influence but goes hard like drumstep, it is without a doubt the finest track I have heard in a long time.

2. Bro Safari & UFO!, The Dealer (Evol Intent Remix)
Bro Safari & UFO! are releasing their Animal Remixes album for free, and Evol Intent were able to put their spin on "The Dealer." Once a wobbly, dubstep infused track, Evol Intent have transformed it so you can seriously mosh to this one. It should be noted that one third of Evol Intent, Nick Weiller, actually is Bro Safari. Download the whole remix album for free HERE.

3. Kasbo, Echoes
Well, here's your drumstep for the week. Not as raucous as you'd expect from the genre, "Echoes" begins with an absolutely lovely piano arrangement and carries that melody the whole way through. Soaring synths and subtle hi-hats and crashes keep the flow moving through the drop and into the breakdown.

4. Skrillex, All Is Fair In Love And Brostep (In Rem DnB Edit)
With all of the "All Is Fair" bootlegs that came out after the release, this one stood out as a killer DnB edit. Not necessarily original, but if you wanted something to skank to on the album, this is your chance. Chopping up some of the main synths and and throwing in those extra kicks gets the blood pumping.

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5. Sub Focus, Close (Ivy Lab Remix)
Interesting choice from Ivy Lab to remix the only deep house/garage track on Torus, but there you go. The original bounce has been replaced with deep, dark basslines and the vocals have been slowed to keep with the mood. Definitely something to look at.

6. Dubscribe, Sucker Punch
Just released on Excision's Rottun label, this one strays into drumstep territory as it assaults you with huge SAWs and kicks. The D&B breakdown is well worth the wait, though.

7. Aeph, True Motion
This is only a preview of the full track that will be released on March 24th, but it's already giving me goosebumps (which is nothing new from Aeph). His productions have always been other-worldly, so expect his Enter The Vision EP to blow you away.

8. Shapeshifter, Giving Up The Ghost (TREI Remix)
TREI gives this track by Shapeshifter a huge makeover to the original and produce this liquid/neuro beast. Taking away the huge guitar riffs and throwing in a subdued bassline keeps this track on point and flowing.

9. Mr. Bill & Skope, Amnesia
Probably my second favorite track on this list, the story goes that this "started out as a neuro-funk tune, and was planned as glitch-hop/funk, however at some stage in the writing process early on a dnb sequence somehow accidentally showed itself and they decided to just make a dnb tune instead." Can't say I'm disappointed with the result at all.

10. Virtual Riot, Paper Planes
Virtual Riot claims this track is just "some testing and stuff." You certainly wouldn't believe it based on the final product, as this one has some amazing synth and bass work. Liquid as a lake, the groove is strong with this one. He's released it as a FREE DOWNLOAD too.

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