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New Electronic Music Chart: Top 10 Trap/Bass Songs Of The Week


New Electronic Music Chart: Top 10 Trap/Bass Songs Of The Week

That's right. I'm back at it again with some fresh tunes for you. This chart is packed with some hot new grime tracks as well as a few downtempo tunes. Earlier this week I saw an incredible surprise performance by DJ Shadow at Low End Theory. He proved why he's a legend in the scene by performing a live set with two Yamaha sample based drum pads and drum sticks. Follow me on Instagram to check out a few videos from that night.

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1. Money, Great Dane
Fresh off the release of his 10 track EP 'Betacat', Great Dane is back at it again with his latest track "Money". Great Dane's usual dark, minimal, hip-hop vibes on this one.

2. Lonesome, Astro Zu
Next level, downtempo, future bass from unknown producer Astro Zu. I couldn't find any info on this guy, but he's someone to watch for sure.

3. Juicy (Conrank's CTRL Remix), Biggie
Conrank is back with a heavy, grime remix of Biggie's classic tune "Juicy". Again, this is GRIME not Dubstep. That's why it's in MY chart and not the Dubstep chart. Take note people.

4. Mah Body (Say My Wat), Night Cruise
Huge remix of Ciara's "Body Party" from Night Cruise. Great example of upbeat future bass right here.

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5. Kirby's Argument, Astronomar
Although this is really house-y, it's also very experimental sounding and has some uk bass vibes a la Pearson Sound or Ramadanman.

6. Higher (Faze Miyake Remix), All About She
Great UK garage and grime hybrid on this one from Faze Miyake. I like how he switched up from his usual heavy style, but still managed to keep the sound dark like a grime track should be.

7. You're Not The One (Cid Rim Remix), Sky Ferreira
This upbeat, ambient remix comes courtesy of LuckyMe collective's Cid Rim. Interesting sound on this one, I think alternative electronic seems an appropriate label here.

8. 5 Minutes of Grime Mix, T. Williams
I write A LOT about UK grime in my charts, because I want more people to know and understand this genre. This is a 5 minute mix from one of PMR's finest artists T. Williams. Throw on some headphones and let T. Williams give you a sonic tour through the world of UK grime.

9. TKO (Lido Remix), Justin Timberlake
Dope future bass remix of JT's "TKO" from Lido. Really well produced, melodic sound on this one.

10. Marvin & Chardonnay (DJ Hoodboi & Trippy Turtle Remix), Big Sean
This track has been in almost every mix that features Jersey Club, and now it's finally out on soundcloud for fans to enjoy. Interesting how two mystery artists DJ Hoodboi and Trippy Turtle worked together on this one. Maybe they're the same person… but probably not. I'm 99% sure DJ Hoodboi is a Team Supreme member. My money's on Kloud.

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