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New Electronic Music Chart - Top Ten Techno Selections


Is it just me or did they put something in the water to make good music sound that much better as of late? Clearly all the producers and DJs of the world are taking their vitamins and eating their veggies, and so should you! Now here’s a healthy dose of the most organic and locally grown techno on the interwebs. My medical and legal advice to you is to take 10 of these a day, and call me in the morning. Actually, no need to call, I already know you’ll be feeling excellent...

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1. “Night Clubbing” Louisahhh!!! & Maelstrom, Bromance Records
This work of art, this piece of poetry right here captures that magical feeling that is 3 a.m. when you’ve gotten after it, and you’ve owned the night. Another huge release off of Bromance. Listen to it, and then listen to it again please.

2. “Curious Paradox” Scuba, Hot Flush
An atmospheric dream, that’s what this is. Scuba is a man making moves, and boy does this tune get you moving.

3. “Stop It” Matrixxman, Ultramajic
This song covers a lot of territory, diversely shifting with an ethereal elegance. It’ll possess you and take you into its world, and that’s quite alright by me.

4. “Turbine” Black Asteroid, Electric Deluxe
One mean robot who is serious business and ready to rip it up is the image this song inspires for me. It pounds over and over again, and has a great focus that only strengthens as it progresses.

5. “Journey Back From Freehold (Audiosthesia Remix)” Audiopirate, Klinik Room Records
Right in the middle of a smoky dancefloor with lights flashing, a beverage in hand, and a beautiful dance partner, that’s how I’d ideally like to enjoy this song. It’s such a party, so if you’re bored at work or in traffic, put this song on, and you’ll go to a better place.

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6. “Rescue, Mister (Avalon Emerson Cybernetic Edit)” Trust, Arts & Crafts
Avalon Emerson is a chica to keep your eye on, she’s coming up strong, and the universe is a better place for it. This remix she’s done for us is all sorts of fun, it’s a little spooky sexy, I didn’t know that was a thing, but now it is. Thanks Avalon!

7. “Stronger (Coyu Remix)” Green Velvet & Gary Beck, Cajual vs Relief
What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, I’m stronger. Listen to Green Velvet, he’s very right. The vocal on this song is so simple, but so powerful. Coyu’s remix has some hot fire in it, and it’ll burn you if you don’t have the right dance moves to contain it.

8. “Particle Salvation” Christopher Kah, Parquet Recordings
This jam feels ideal for a super villain mansion garden party. Like, all the henchmen and the big bad boss are just chilling, partying on a beautiful spring evening outside before they do some evil stuff. Too bad James Bond is going to ruin their day tomorrow, but tonight, this tune will get those super villains right where they need to be!

9. “One Day (Marc Romboy Remix)” The Juan Maclean, Systematic Recordings
Now this is how you do a remix, Marc Romboy has deconstructed a great original, and twisted it to make it his own beautiful piece of music. The opening with Juan’s vocals are really intriguing and invite you deep into the song, and then it’s non-stop fun through and through.

10. “Spacial (Answer Code Request Remix)” Spencer Parker, Work Them Records
Be careful, there’s a hypnotic component at play in this song, and it’ll take you some place. This song grows, like a time lapse of vines growing up a tree, it just moves organically and throbs full of life.

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