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New Electronic Music Chart - Top Ten Techno Tracks of the Week


Good people of the internet, I bring gifts of good music to you! This week we’re all about the changing of the season, and these songs right here, they are going to assist you in getting your plans ready for spring and summer. Once again, we’re going more towards minimal techno, and the purpose of that is we want you thinking about the dark Yuma tent, the Ibizan dancefloors you’re going to conquer this summer, and how you’re going to be up very, very late at WMC. So, what we need from you is open ears, good dance moves, and a voracious appetite for good techno. Lezzgo!

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1. “Hachinoko” Simian Mobile Disco & Roman Flugel, Delicacies
And here is the final dessert collaboration from Simian Mobile Disco and Roman Flugel in SMD’s latest Delicacies project. If you want to have a delightful read, check out what the japanese delicacy Hachinoko actually is, quit the read. This is some great stuff, and it should get you excited for SMD’s latest live desert recorded album coming soon!

2. “Shred or Die (Kevin Saunderson Dub Mix)” Dogblood, OWSLA, BNR, Big Beat
It’s a beautiful thing when the new school and the old school come together, and Kevin Saunderson, Detroit Techno founder who is still tearing it up, gives the supergroup that is Dogblood a great dub remix that will scintillate and infatuate.

3. “999” Escor Krist, BNR
There’s a certain paranoia in the reverberating echo vocal that offsets but hooks you in the beginning. This is definitely the kind of tune you want to unleash to launch a party into full on beast mode. It’s fun and very diverse.

4. “Get Your Paper (Sound Cloup Remix)” Matteo Poker, Bandi Music
Here’s a little bit of that minimal to get you going, this song is a lot of fun with a darkness to it. I dig the confidence in this remix, definitely feels like Sound Cloup knows whats up, and what needs to be done out there in the party world.

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5. “Taurus (Alberto Ruiz Remix)” Hugo Bianco, Stick Recordings
If you’re digging the change of the seasons, then let this song jump you right over spring and land you right in the middle of summer. This is song is pure fire, hot all over, and it’s ready to destroy Miami, Coachella, Ibiza, or whatever hot locale you might have in mind.

6. “My Friends Are Freaks” Ksenia Kamikaza, Platz fur Tanz
Laidback, but ready to party, this dark little thing grooves and glides. It’s mellow, a bit down tempo, though it’s the perfect tune to keep a party going, or to get it ready to set it off.

7. “Diminution” Kevin Castro
So we have Kevin Saunderson represented on this list, and this minimal techno tune right here is well liked by Kevin’s talented son Dantiez Saunderson, and so I would feel wrong not sharing it with you. When it hits the 4 minute mark, it gets ready to launch to the minimal moon.

8. “Devil Dance (Mr. G’s NY Tribal Dub” Ida Engberg, Crosstown Rebels
The tribal dub remix of Ida Enberg’s Devil Dance by Mr. G is excellent. It’s primal, but still got its true techno elements. It’s a beautiful translation of metropolitan life, it literally is the concrete jungle gone techno. It’s like any bustling city at night - thriving, focused, moving fast, but still it’s alive and very human.

9.“Martin Garrix” Proxy, Turbo Recordings
So, I wouldn’t say it’s a feud, I wouldn’t say it’s snark, but it is mildly amusing that Proxy named this tune Martin Garrix. I highly doubt the current darling of PDM Martin Garrix put two and two together with regard to the Russian technomaker Proxy, but we get a good goof out of it and a fun tune.

10. “Rafael Caro Quintero” Minitechs
I’m going to be honest, I have no idea what the spanish is saying in the background, but I like it. This EP is going to be great, it’s ruthless and borderline nuts.

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