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New Electronic Music Chart - Top Ten Techno Tracks Of The Week


Hi guys, how the hell are ya? Another week, another chart, and it’s not like there were any surprises in the Techno world this week, not at all. I mean, unless you’re not into good music, or into the fact that a small town Canadian with lots of attitude just decided to covertly jump genres, really no big deal. Just kidding! We’ve got some serious business in this chart this week! deadmau5 goes techno as testpilot with the support of Richie Hawtin, Maceo Plex’s latest album is on the way in May, and what more do I need to say? Let’s get listening, and better yet, you get dancing!

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1. “Saw Throat” Craig Williams, Club Sweat
Getting support from some of the biggest names out there (Crookers & Claude Von Stroke to name two) this creeping and going deep in track bangs hard. Craig Williams deserves number one spot this week because his latest EP is guaranteed fun.

2. “Sunspot (White Space Conflict) Original Mix” testpilot, Plus8
It’s only 44 seconds, it only sounds amazing, and I’ll let Richie Hawtin do the rest of the talking… "It’s been nearly two years since the last PLUS 8 record, but it seemed fitting that this record in particular, made by another skinny white kid, became part of the label's collection and history." (Whisper: guys if you didn’t know this is deadmau5).

3. “Excuse My Wildness feat JAW (Carl Craig Rmx)” Audiofly & JAW, Supernature
A subdued, shadowy song, ethereal in its progression. The tension builds methodically and slowly, and then struts its stuff in a very formal manner when it starts to kick.

4. ”Conjure Balearia” Maceo Plex, Ellum Audio
I would say let’s skip to May for the release of this beautiful balearic-techno tune, but there’s a lot of fun to be had between now and May… Maceo Plex is back with his Conjure One EP and ready to dominate 2014. This beautiful song, somebody get Ridley Scott on the phone, this needs to be in the Blade Runner sequel!

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5. “Remain” Slam, Paragraph
The high hats and rhythm on this tasty gem dance together, becoming a spirit guide of sorts. They take you down deep into a sonic coral reef. It’s got a whole eco-system of majestic techno elements, and it’s all thriving with life. So pretty much, in summation, conclusively it’s a techno trip.

6. “Origins” Petar Dundov, Music Man Records
Innocuous at the start, but clearly there’s a precise artist behind this piece of music. Gentle, focused, and he stays one step ahead of you, Petar Dundov has done some good with this one. Get ready to be relaxed, but with plenty of energy to party. It’s simply cool.

7. “Crossing Borders feat. Fitz Kalkbrenner (Club Mix)” Booka Shade, Embassy One
I’m a huge fan of these Germans that call themselves Booka Shade. Feel free to disagree with the techno tenants of this tune, but this isn’t their traditional house fair. It’s got a great rhythm, and definitely sways in the right techy ways.

8. “Wax Weapon” Ilario Alicante, Cocoon Recordings
It’s a wonderful song to get you pumped up and ready to take on the world. Plenty of energy, chock full of determination. Get ready for the minor frenzy at the two minute 46 second mark, and it just builds up from there.

9. “Vacant” Wehbba, Tronic
The funky elements of this song surprise you, only to seduce you into moving in equally funky motions. This song is ideal for a night out on the town, it’s all smiles and adventure. Do yourself a favor, take 10 of these, and call me in the morning. You’re going to feel a whole lot better about life once you’re done with this baby.

10. ”Return to yoz” Mano Le Tough, Maeve
Mano Le Tough has a nascent heater here that needs to be shared with the world. It’s an assault of varied different components that all fuse into this mellower unique tune.

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