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New Electronic Music Chart: Weekly Bass & Trap Top 10


Taylor Barnes here with a fine selection of fresh trap and bass tunes for you. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram for some sweet footage from Dutch beat prodigy Jameszoo's performance at Low End Theory earlier this week.

New Electronic Music Chart: Weekly Bass & Trap Top 10

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1. 5 AM (Hex Cougar Rework), Katy B
Hex Cougar is one of the finest producers on the up and coming LA based future bass label Shifty Rhythms, and this Katy B rework is a prime example of his unique style.

2. Wings, Hucci
This downtempo track is a drastic departure from Hucci's usual trap banger sound. Codeine syrupy smooth vibes on this one.

3. Luxury Apartment, King Henry
Fire beat from prolific Team Supreme producer King Henry. I love the sampled guitar riff he uses for the main melody.

4. Crave You (Royal Refix), Flight Facilities
I thought I would never be able to handle another remix of this song after that Adventure Club remix became so played out, but Royal managed to change my mind. Really great, original sounding synths throughout the whole tune. The plucked string sound at the end of the song adds an extra flair a la Cashmere Cat.

5. Parfum, 813
813 gets a little ravey with his latest track Parfum. His use of big room house stabs really shows that he's thinking outside the box.

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6. Atx, Mr. Carmack
Mr. Carmack releases so much amazing music it's hard to just choose one track a week. This one won a spot over the others thanks to its enticing melody and sample.

7. -_-, Diversa
This song is extremely strange, and I love everything about it, especially the unconventional title.

8. East 18th (Theodore White's Gone Bonkerz Edition), AbJo
Absolutely massive remix from relatively unknown producer Theodore White. I love the energy on this one, and that main sample used throughout is really dope. Fun fact: the "they're eating her" sample is from the infamous B-horror film 'Troll 2'.

9. We Feelin' (Parkinson White Remix), Boeboe
Parkinson White is another incredibly talented young producer. At 17 years old he's already building a name for himself and has been featured on Rinse FM quite a few times. The quick arpeggiated fill and laser sounds made me fall in love with this one. I'm a sucker for lasers.

10. Suit & Tie (T.I.P.'s "Let Me Love" Rework), Justin Timberlake
This is another song that I didn't think I could take another remix of, but just like Royal did with "Crave You" T.I.P. did with "Suit & Tie". T.I.P.'s remix manages to be serene yet not so downtempo that its boring, which is often difficult to pull off.

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