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New Electronic Music Weekly Chart: Top 10 Drum & Bass


By: Matthew Meadow

New Electronic Music Weekly Chart: Top 10 Drum & Bass

Gotta be honest, it's going to be really hard to top last week's chart, but I'm never going to stop trying. I'd say the hardest part about doing these charts is refraining from pandering to what I know is going to get views, and staying on course with what I love and love to share with you. Featuring a track purely based on who produced it, no matter who, be it Calyx & Teebee or even Andy C, would compromise what I've set out to accomplish with this chart. That being said, here are this week's picks.

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1. Salaryman, My Future
First up is this new track from RAM Records. The piano and bass form a jazz sound that is undeniably groovy. The drums take a backseat on this track as the bass provides most of the rhythm and feeling.

2. Reso, Break 'Em
Reso just released a new EP on Hospital Records called Pulse Code and this track has a lot going on for it. The small timbre of a tambourine is slightly noticeable in the background, and the cymbals and crashes just accentuate the rest of the drum kit. Check out the whole EP on >iTunes .

3. Madface, Dawning
Liquicity Records brings us this one from Madface, featuring a wonderful piano arrangement and a drop that you just fall into.

4. Benny Page, Hot Body Gal ft. Richie Loop (J Bostron Remix)
J Bostron remixes this Benny Page track and lets the bass do all work here. Lots of reverb and a minimal breakbeat keep this track flowing along with the reggae vocals.

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5. The Clamps, This Is Not It (Allied Remix)
Allied certainly knows how to build suspense. Over a minute in, starting with huge bass hits, and then just unleashing a torrent of sound. Sound design alone on this one is off the charts, but it'll get you going on the floor, too.

6. BliZard, Shine ft. Aline
Alina's vocals are perfect for this bubbly build, and once the drums come in you can just tell that something special is about to go down. Much like the title of the track, this one is gonna make your day Shine.

7. Mefjus, Signalz (Emperor Remix)
Emperor makes his second appearance on my chart with this remix of Mefjus on their new collaborative EP, Hello World. There is a definite jungle influence on this one, but it's closer to jump up than anything. Either way, the track bangs and has great pacing.

8. Frankee, Away
Another from RAM, Frankee certainly blew me Away with this one. Liquid as anything, but those drums feel like it could fit with any harder sound, too, making this a phenomenal track for mixing. Not necessarily something that you always pay attention to when listening to a new track, but it's something to consider.

9. Bluescreens, Strike One (Part II)
RAM is taking over this list this week, and it's no surprise with the amount of artists they have going to Miami Music Week, this is one of the best weeks of the year to premier and test out new tunes. But this one especially just goes unbelievably hard. Having a lot of the same progression as #8, these would be terrific in a mix together.

10. Varia, Giga (Ultra Mix)
I've been a fan of Varia for a while now, so I was extremely pleased when he put out this DnB edit of his first original track in four months. Wildly exciting and gloriously composed, it's my favorite track on the list this week.

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