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New Zealand Researchers Believe MDMA May Cure Tinnitus


Just hitting the EDM news wire today, it looks like researchers in New Zealand believe that MDMA - the active compound in the party drugs "Molly" or "ecstasy" may cure tinnitus- a condition that denotes a constant, long-term ringing in the ear.

New Zealand Researchers Believe MDMA May Cure Tinnitus, a New Zealand based news website, writes "University of Auckland senior lecturer Grant Searchfield said there were enough reports from those with tinnitus who had taken ecstasy for him to be interested in what the effects could be."

MDMA is being considered as a cure due to the number of people who have reported that taking the drug helps relieve the symptoms. "A pattern is starting to form", Searchfield says.

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He goes on to say "there is no good research yet and that's something that we are hoping to do very soon." Studies may begin as early as this May, depending on the results of an international conference that provides expert discussion on tinnitus research.

Some of the believed causes of tinnitus are exposure to loud music, ear infections, stress, and foreign objects in the ear.

Source: Stuff.Co.Nz via Mixmag.

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