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Premiere - Download Michael Forrest's 'Infinite Music Machine' Album-App & Discover The Endless Possibilities

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A lot of producers these days are crafting out new ways of creating new electronic music. Two weeks ago, James Murphy announced that he had designed a way to soundtrack the entire NYC subway system. Rewind a month back, THUMP covered a story about Chicago - based musician Diode Milliamperewho produces music using, "...a web of internal commands and operations..." on MS-DOS.

The Most Peculiar Album Premiere We've Ever Done: Download Michael Forrest's 'Infinite Music Machine' Album-App

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Now let's consider, in a time when there is a starving need to create a live electronic music experience that goes beyond a set of decks - a nu-age 'album - app' Infinite Music Machine is a stand-out gizmo that encapsulates live instrumentation as a self-programmed music generator.

Michael Forrest - the creator- is a talented multi-instrumentalist, sound scientist, and electronic music producer from London. His music draws influences from experimental electronica, chiptune - like Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) textures and glitchy rhythms.   Forrest composes musical structures in code and chance, creating a listening experience that is different every time. This form of musical expression, never feasible as a release format before the age of smart phones, moves into worlds first explored by Brian Eno and Bjork - Forrest’s work here proves that there is still much to be discovered.

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The app is a thousand loop journey that allows the listener to influence the music, as well as to save and share their favorite moments - moments that would otherwise be lost forever in the infinite possibilities. Anybody who doesn’t have a supported smart phone or tablet can hear one possible route through the album as a 60 minute mix here.

Infinite Music Machine is available for download in the App Store on March 10th on iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.

Watch the making of the app below:

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