Recap All The Big EDM News In Magnetic's Weekly Mashup


Recap All The Big EDM News In Magnetic's Weekly Mashup

So making EDM news last week was Pioneer’s vinyl turntable prototype. I hope this means that the whole artistry and basis of dj’ing whether it’s in EDM or hip-hop does not lose the flavor of vinyl. At least for the Inaugural Mysteryland USA, they haven’t lost sight of it, with an exclusive Vinyl stage. Yup, that’s right all dedicated to the usage of turntables and Vinyl!

Well, you should have heard by now that deadmau5 has an actual record coming out with an actual vinyl record (under his Testpilot alias) on Richie Hawtin's label. Sneaky, sneaky Zimmerman, maybe that will get your wish that your Facebook followers will click the unlike button that you recently encouraged. Or maybe not? Either way, some of what deadmau5 views does make sense.

Ok so with WMC or the recent conversion of Miami Music Week, which festival or festivals will you be attending? With an over-saturation of anything, can get tiring there are some that seem interesting enough to give it a go, at least once. Wakarusa Festival that takes place this year has me extremely curious, considering that “Wakarusa” means ass-deep, hmm… but the site made it clear that was a reference to the rivers. But, other than that, I would love to check it out and immerse with the beautiful Ozark mountains and enjoy some great music acts. I can’t believe that they actually have a decent line-up with Infected Mushroom, Claude van Stroke, Bass Nectar, The Knocks, Rusko, Fort Knox Five, and nice mixture of all types of music. The festival has been going for get this… 11 years strong, news to me!

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Which ones are you going to? For me, I’m planning on keeping it East Coast this summer, with maybe a trip out to Las Vegas for EDM Biz. I am still dying to attend to Coachella and Burning Man is on my laundry list of festivals to say I had that experience! Electric Zoo is definitely in the cards, and I’m hoping to make it to Detroit for Movement come this Memorial day…

Is SFX a viable investment, put your money on the music? I would say… yes.

SO wait! I cannot wait to test this out. I do some snowboarding and have tried a little skateboarding this past summer. So what would you say if I told you that you could really experience a “Back to the Future” experience with the hoverboard? Well, some say it’s a hoax while their site says it is available in December 2014. I will be waiting regard. The HUVr commercial got some good EDM support from Moby and Chromeo (music track), Schoolboy Q, Terrell Owens, and got Tony Hawks and Christopher Lloyd to be in it too.. Called bollocks on it yet? Well,  I am still hopeful that isn’t.

And what’s up with these Beatport Awards? “Do you think Nina Kraviz deserved the 2014 DJ Year of the Award?”

So has remixes of scenes from movies and TV gotten a bit out of hand? Wolf of Wall Street gets a thump-chesting remix on Matthew McConaughey’s scene and Disney chimes in on the EDM industry with an April 22nd release called DConstructed. Raving elephants, unicorns and Mickey Mouse… yikes! Will this create another beast or backlash for EDM?

Well stay tuned next week for our next Magnetic Mash-up, we would love to hear your comments on the articles that are mentioned. Use the comment thread below...

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