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Rising Dubstep DJ Kai Wachi Indicted In Massive Drug Trafficking Case

Kai Wachi Indicted For Federal Drug Trafficking

Too much of a good thing, isn't always as good as one might think. In every single industry, whether it be entertainment, business, art or law - Money can be the ultimate motive. But when does the line between too much and just enough blur? For Kai Wachi, that line became blurred around 160,000 oxycodone pills. Wachi, an influential DJ/Producer in the Dubstep & Trap scene has been formally indicted in a federal drug trafficking investigation. Alongside the oxycodone allegations, accusations of 2-year long heroin distribution stint also lies in the fine print.

Do Androids Dance was able to shed some light on the matter:

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Kai Wachi, a promising artist in the heavy bass filled dubstep and trap community, has been federally indicted for trafficking and dealing heroin and oxycodone. According to KTVB in Idaho, the indictment says since 2012 Kai Wachi and 10 others (including three teenagers) have been allegedly conspiring to and distributing heroin, as well as 160,000 oxycodone pills (the pills alone hold a street value of $6 million). Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but if this is true it really sucks, as Wachi was definitely on the come up, gaining notoriety for some massive tunes with support from the likes of Bro Safari and Rell the Soundbender. Trial dates for Kai Wachi haven’t been set as he hasn’t made his initial court appearances, so only time will tell how this will all pan out.

Wachi's Official Facebook page was moderated shortly after the news:

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