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Rumored Daft Punk X Jay Z X Kanye West "Computerized" Song A Leak From A Scrapped Tron Project?

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Is Rumored Daft Punk X Jay Z X Kanye West "Computerized" Song A Leak From A Scrapped Tron Project?

Complex says "yes, maybe", Noisy says "no, probably not". We say there is definitely a possibility that this song might have involved one, or all three of the artists, maybe even for sure, probably. Welcome to new electronic music journalism in 2014.

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So yes this song leaked today, called "Computerized" and it looks like it uses elements of Daft Punk's "The Son of Flynn," from the 2010 Tron soundtrack. And while the flow is clearly Jay-Z, it does seem pretty dated, with talks of "Blackberry" and "iTouch". We've searched for the lyrics to see if there was a match, and nothing came up, so it looks like whatever Jay-Z flow was used, it has not been released.

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Complex's thoughts on the track seem to make the most sense. They write:

A 40-second preview of 'Computerized' was shared on Daft Club, a forum for Daft Punk fans, last October. The same member who shared the preview also uploaded the longer version today. 'The only thing we get about this track is, it was a collaboration Daft Punk/JayZ made for a old Disney project unreleased,' the member says. This likely could be a reference to Tron, which was released through Walt Disney Pictures.

Anyway, take a listen. Trolls are saying the song sucks, but we could see it leaking from some unfinished remix project from Tron. Definitely, for sure, maybe...

Source: Complex

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