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Top Ten Free EDM Downloads Of The Week

If you're in the midst of putting together a Spring Break playlist, add these. If you've been too focused on toning and tanning to think about anything unrelated to physical appearances, start a playlist and begin with these free downloads of the week.


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Odesza feat. Madelyn Grant, "Sun Models"
This chill but funky track is one of many off the duo's EP, which is available for a free download. I made this shimmery summery track my number one of the week because it reminds me of tan lines, warm breezes and good people. The perfect way to begin that playlist.

XXTRAKT, "Hold Me"
It seems like everything pumped out of Cream Collective is worth listening to. Stick with this track and it takes an unexpected turn for the extraordinary. Take advantage of the free download and scope these sweet synths.

Alex Adair, "Make Me Feel Better"
I couldn't possibly think of a title more accurate for this lovely track. Bump this song when you're up, down or floating around somewhere in between. "Make Me Feel Better" will certainly make you feel better.

Kidnap Kid, "Stronger"
This six-minute song has an understated yet sweet bumpy bass punctuated by various melodies that are easy on the ears and therapeutic to the soul. Press play and let your mind wander.

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Local Natives, "Ceilings" (Soft Glas Remix)
A true electronic remix of Local Natives. Take three minutes out of your day to lay down and let this song melt you into oblivion.

The Weeknd, "Wanderlust" (Snakehips Remix)
I think we can all agree that there is no one more depressing than The Weeknd. I respect that, but it's refreshing to hear an upbeat take on this guy's sorrow. Grab the free download and jam.

Cito8, "Gucci"
So I went to high school with this kid and it turns out someone from that pathetic, joke of a school actually has some talent. I'm feeling these beats Cito, keep them coming.

AlunaGeorge, "Kaleidoscope Love" (Kaytranada Edit)
I've been patiently waiting for a decent AlunaGeorge rework that isn't "Attracting Flies" and I'm ecstatic to say that Kaytranada swooped in and did the unusual duo some justice.

August Alsina, "Sucka" (DJ Sliink, DJ Hoodboi & Trippy Turtle)
This testosterone-fueled trio collaborated on this track to represent Jersey, in a good way. I'm a sucka for "Sucka." Grab the free download and you will be too.

Sage The Gemini, "Don't You" (Joe Kay Edit)
After hearing this track, I am okay with Joe Kay. The bassline on this rework is thick and the vocals are deepened. "Don't You" is dope.

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