Top 10 Drum & Bass Songs Of The Week - New Electronic Music


By: Matthew Meadow

Top 10 Drum & Bass Songs Of The Week - New Electronic Music

So it's been a couple weeks since the last d&b chart and we're sorry. But I have some really good treats for you guys - since it's been more than a week, I thought it would be appropriate to widen this chart to the past two weeks, just for once. With all the extra time, I was able to find the absolute best to give to you guys.

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1. Nostalgia, Regime
No doubt one of the most unique D&B tracks I've ever heard, Nostalgia throws down this halftime banger with syncopated stabs and wild basslines.

2. Draper, Electricity feat. Isabel Higuero (meloDramatic Remix)
If you've kept track of my last two charts, it shouldn't be any secret that I'm really starting to dig liquid. meloDramatic certainly delivers on this one, remixing one of my favorites, Draper. Chill basslines and those vocals make this track an instant anthem.

3. Them Lost Boys x Gummy, War Horse
Another favorite of mine, Gummy, try their hand at drumstep this time. Usually known for throwing out trap bangers, Gummy really shows their versatility alongside Them Lost Boys in creating a higher BPM track that keeps a lot of the same energy as their other originals.

4. Dakota & Imagin8,The Shark
The anticipation in that build-up was almost more than I could bare, and the drop definitely goes hard. Huge stabs and heavy kicks along with heavily modulated synths make this track a killer on the floor.

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5. Bass Providers, Monster Party
Proving that not all D&B comes out of the US or UK, this duo from Costa Rica definitely prove their mettle with this monster track. Great rhythm and sound all around.

6. Noisestorm, Surge (Drum & Bass Mix)
For the Monstercat fans in the house, you'll be happy to know that Noisestorm is making his return with this track coming out on March 12th. More liquid for you, but noticeably more upbeat and cheery than #2 above.

7. Rawtekk, Amber's Love Was Like A Marble (Billain Remix)
Short but sweet, Billain puts a huge neuro emphasis on this one. The thing with neuro tracks is that they are so wild and cacophonous that they can sometimes hit you like a bag of bricks. Whether you like that or not is personal preference.

8. Dabin & Feint, When You Return feat. Daniela Andrade
Look at that, another treat for the Monstercat fam. Feint, along with Dabin, craft an epic lyrical D&B experience thanks largely to the sultry voice of Daniela Andrade. There's a definite modern spin on this one as it uses sound as uplifting, rather than to get down. Though there's no reason you couldn't get down to this, either, especially with that breakdown at 2:34.

9. Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Phantasm
Back and better than ever, Drumsound & Bassline Smith let this one fly. So much energy on this release, I've come to expect nothing less.

10. Twild, Maximize
Finishing up our list, this new release by Twild on Heavy Artillery Recordings. Fanciful one moment, then like a bat out of hell the next, I wouldn't have my D&B any different. A futuristic feel on this one, Twild has huge potential.

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