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Top 10 Dubstep Songs Of The Week - New Electronic Music


Hello everyone! The awesome new Skrillex album dropped, which meant the internet quickly got to work arguing over whether Skrillex Zomboy Knife Party blah blah blah. Let's drown out all that nonsense with some really great dubstep tracks, okay?

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Said the Sky, "Luster" feat Melissa Hayes
I was blown away the first time I listened to this beautiful track. This is an incredibly unique and atmospheric song, and implore you to check this cat out.

Zenji, "Lucille"
Another incredibly unique and atmospheric track, "Lucille" dances across your mind and soul. Just as you are lulled into a trance, Zenji kicks up the intensity into a garage style track.

Oiki, "IED"
This track goes HARD. There is little to no downtime in this banger, as Oiki pushes the limits with screaming basses and raw drums.

B1t Crunch3r, "Bizarre Dimensions"
Get your shoulders shuffling! This complex and deep track sets the groove early and the rhythm never lets up.

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Stabby, "Cubic" "
This song is an absolute beast, and it's also incredibly unique. I respect the clashing production and the complex rhythms that Stabby used in this song, and I think that really sets him apart from a lot of the dubstep community.

Flash Oddysee, "Soundboy"
Oh my goodness, this is an incredibly groovy song. Live and digital elements are perfectly fused together to create what has got to be one of the most unique songs I've ever heard in any genre. Electro-fusion, yea?

Dirt Monkey & Jantsen, "Freak That Shit"
Dirt Monkey & Jantsen together on a track is like the secret character in a fighting game that is insanely powerful. I like to imagine that this secret character goes around punching annoying suburb kids who make trap music and say turn down for what.

8. Geotheory, "Aristocrat"
It's no secret that I love songs that push the pace, and this one does just that. Heavy, and very organic, this track is a shapeshifter that never stops.

Dubloadz, "Voodoo Donut"
I don't know what a voodoo donut is, but this insane track gives me a pretty good idea of what eating one would be like. This track is a true modern powwa track, and I dig it.

Phear, "Tombs"
The foreboding intro warns you of the intensity to come, and yet you are drawn further. The song drops into darkness, and you find yourself trapped within the Tombs.

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