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Top 10 Electro/Progressive House Music Songs Of The Week


Top 10 Electro/Progressive House Music Songs Of The Week

To keep you informed about new electronic music, I carefully crafted this week's chart of Top 10 electro and progressive house tunes. I'm very happy with the rich, diverse sounds these tracks bring. From Martin Garrix's insane new big room track to John Glover's rich melodic remix of Dave Winnel & Archie's "Satellites," you'll get your dose of ear candy.

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1. "Ballroom Blitz" (Jason Risk Remix) Adrian V & DJ Forte feat. Donny T, Phethouse Records

This track Melbourne Bounce'd its way into the #1 spot this week. Risk gives us a remix with funky synths that maintain the original sax for a nice accent. Out now.

2. "Proxy" Martin Garrix, Spinnin' Records

Martin Garrix has not slowed down since "Animals." His new track "Proxy" takes big room to the max, and the drop has low and high-pitched melodies that complement each other perfectly. Out soon.

3. "Letting Go" (Antillas & Dankann Remix) BT, JES & Fractal, Armada Music

Uplifting vocals lead off this tune, instructing us to let go. But instead of letting you slip away quietly, the drop hits hard and makes you lose yourself in the beat. Out now.

4. "Satellites" (John Glover Remix) Dave Winnel & Archie, Diffused Music
Soothing vocals introduce a buildup that drops us into a rapidly-shifting, but catchy melody. Out now on Michael Woods' label Diffused.

5. "Mad Turkey" Zombie Kids vs. Boxinbox & Lionsize (feat. MC Ambush), Zombie Musik

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When I clicked "Play" on this track on Soundcloud, I thought I was going to hear an overpowering electro track, but instead I heard a unique track that keeps the energy balanced and incorporates the soft gobbling of a turkey, hence the title. Out March 10th.

6. "The Warrior" (Loken Remix) Osen & Baha, Cr2 Records

Loken's remix frames the original vocals nicely with some string-instrument synths and launches into a funky buildup. The drop is big and grooving. Out now.

7. "Get Yo" Taurus & Vaggeli, Vacation Records

An electrifying track with a big room sound, "Get Yo" takes you to the next level with a catchy "woo!" vocal that loops back and forth, almost sounding like a cheering monkey. That's enough to get me ready for festival season. Available now.

8. "Rush" Nick Fiero, Betty Beat Records

Newcomer Fiero is poised for big things. "Rush" feels like a hybrid track, combining progressive melodies with a hard, driving beat. Out March 17th.

9. "Celebrate the Rain" Sidney Samson & Eva Simmons, Spinnin' Records

Sidney Samson experiments with a softer sound, bringing on captivating vocals by Eva Simmons. The drop injects extra energy, while still keeping a balance with Eva's voice. Out now.

10. "Ahead of Us" Tom Swoon, Lush & Simon, Ultra Records

Lush & Simon, working with Tom Swoon, once again bring their signature uplifting style to "Ahead of Us." After you get lost in the vocals, you'll be treated to a happy, progressive beat. Out March 10th.

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