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Top 10 Electro/Progressive House Music Songs Of The Week


Pour some shots of adrenaline for the pre-game, because this week's Top 10 dosage of electro and progressive house music is topped off by two mountain-shattering tracks. But I couldn't suppress my softer, progressive side - we've got some rich vocal tracks here as well.

Top 10 Electro/Progressive House Music Songs Of The Week

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1. "Zodiac" Sandy Sharp, Boda Records

The #1 highest energy track this week is also the #1 spot overall. An impressive mix of bass, electro-dubstep synths and 8-bit flourishes. Available now.

2. "Cold Hearted" Amyntas & Daniar, Glovel Records

This track keeps the energy high with vibrant electro synths throughout the track. The drop's hard grinding synth makes me want to hurl a water bottle in the air above a festival crowd. Good thing the season is rapidly approaching. Out now.

3. "All Come Around" Silvio Carrano & Silvano Mereu feat. Rodge, Blanco Y Negro Music

Soothing vocals set the tone for this progressive track. A deeper tune with dreamy melodic synths. Out March 4th.

4. "Requiem" Tom Arden feat. Alex Green, Manufactured Music

Great vocals and great melodies. Green's voice is captivating and brings a familiar rock-vocal feel to this progressive track. Out March 10th.

5. "Geocentric" P.Nichol, Biome Digital

Get ready for a pleasant ride on the backs of dreamy melodies. A fresh track from fresh talent P.Nichol. Out March 24th.

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6. "Panty Dropper" Henrix & Twinz Beatz, Ones to Watch Records

Henrix is back, teaming up with Twinz Beatz to give us a trippy, insane pure electro track. On the SoundCloud stream right before the drop, tzach07 wrote "MY DOG DIED." That's one way to describe this shockwave of a tune. Out March 13th.

7. "Raise Your Hands" Ummet Ozcan, Spinnin' Records
File this under Ultra Miami preview. Ozcan never disappoints, retooling his edgier synths into a fuller, big room sound. Out March 31st.

8. "Enjoy the Ride" (Ron Reeser Remix) Krewella, Columbia Records

Reeser does an excellent job of looping Krewella's original vocals into a peak-shattering buildup and a melodic drop that complements Jahan's voice. Free download available via the SoundCloud stream below.

9. "Boeing" Joonas Hahmo, Trice Recordings

Funky beats with epic big room synths in between. A groovy tune that'll make you look forward to summer raging. Out March 17th.

10. "I Know U" Baggi Begovic & Team Bastian, Musical Freedom

A DJ match made in heaven, these two versatile progressive producers give us a track with TWO drops. The 2nd drop really opens the floodgates with some funky Chromeo-like synths on the tail-end. Out April 4th.

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