Top 10 Electro/Progressive House Music Songs Of The Week


Top 10 Electro/Progressive House Music Songs Of The Week

With Ultra fast approaching, I think it's fitting that this week's best new electronic music tracks are dominated by grinding synths and distorted basslines. Hold onto your butts because it's time for another Top 10 electro/progressive house music chart!

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1. "Black Mask" Don Diablo, Spinnin' Records

Don Diablo went from electro to deep house, and now he's back with his hardest electro track yet. The deep, gritty synths are laced with some quirky vocoded sounds. Out March 21st.

2. "Shades" ALVARO, Musical Freedom

Alvaro changes up his sound with this new dirty bass banger. The beat has a hypnotizing melody and the dark synths are unlike anything out there. Out March 31st.

3. "Avalanche" Blackwhited & Tybo, Revealed Recordings

A powerful collab between up-and-coming DJs. The result is a bouncy, pulsating club killer. Out now.

4. "Champion" Clockwork, Dim Mak

Clockwork remains one of the best producers in the game. Champion has big room energy, but it's achieved by Clockwork's signature pulsating, machine-like synths, not the typical overpowering festival beat. Out March 25th.

5. "Follow You" Justin Michael & Digital Freq, Trice Recordings

Riveting vocals accompany guitar synths and mount into a monster drop. The bass will envelop you. Out March 24th.

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6. "Reflect" Carl Nunes & Tyler Sherritt, Armada Music

Sherritt continues to wield his dual talents, collabing with Nunes and contributing his ethereal voice to this uplifting track. Plucked violin synths introduce Tyler's vocals and add a nice touch. Out April 7th.

7. "Insane" Argento & Zenn, Wormland Music

This progressive track has an ominous melody rigged with distorted basslines. It has a calmer sound than the biggest room tracks, but still kicks in some high-energy synths between the beats. Out now.

8. "Beginning of the World" Lazy Rich & Special Features, LE7ELS Records

Inspiring vocals weave a tale of love and exploding stars before declaring the beginning of the world and dropping into an epic, driving beat. Out now.

9. "Miami 82" (Mark Kremont Remix) Syn Cole, LE7ELS Records
This is my favorite of the 5 remixes previewed thus far (the 6th is open to a remix competition). Kremont lets Syn Cole's addictive melody play out for a few bars before forcing it into a shortened echo that melds into the hair-raising drop. Out March 25th.

10. "Typhoon" 4Noize, Blanco Y Negro Music

Spanish producers 4Noize are at it again with Typhoon, a deep, electro track for your next packed club gig. I think I'll sneak it into my set this weekend. Out now.

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