Top 10 House Music Selections Of The Week

We go very deep this week with quality releases from house music labels such as Moda Black, 20:20 Vision, & Robsoul Recordings. Leading the pack here is a love song about Detroit called "Dutch Donut Girl". Sit back, relax and take a listen-

Top 10 House Music Selections Of The Week

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1. “Dutch Donut Girl” Swing Shadez, One Step Back Ahead

Top on my list this week is yet another hot vinyl only release that heavily samples Black Moon's 1992 underground hip-hop hit "Who Got The Props" About half way through this, we get a spoken word about the city of Detroit and before you know it the track gets rids of the Black Moon sample and a beautiful melody carries us well into ten minutes of deep house bliss.

2. “Pork Soda” Groove Armada, Moda Black

Groove Armada recently celebrated the 15th anniversary of their landmark album "Northern Star" with a re-issue of it. Here they are though burning up the underground with yet another thumper on Jaymo & Andy George's Moda Black. These guys aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

3. “As One” Citizen, 20:20 Vision Recordings

Citizen can't seem to do any wrong and here he is now on Ralph Lawson's legendary 20:20 Vision imprint.

4. “Natural High (Baby Dub)” Phil Weeks, Robsoul Rec.

Another solid release for Phil Weeks on his own label once again. We went straight for the dub on this warm affair.

5. “Believer” Urulu, Manucci's Mistress

LA born, London bases Urulu turns out a 4 track EP on Manucci's Mistress. "Believer" is the standout track us for us here on this collection as it's infectious filter on the key sample slides in and out all the way through 'til the end.

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6. “Last Cocktail Of Stallone (Vin Sol & MATRiXXMAN Remix)” Kresy, Freerange Records

Downtempo jacking house jam in full effect on this remix from Vin Sol & MATRiXXMAN on none other than Freerange Records.

7. “Walking Boots” Me & her and David Keno, Suara

Spanish imprint Suara has been absolutely on fire as of late and their latest release "Kitties Go Deep Vol. 2" is no exception.

8. “Feel It” Dirt Synth & Wire, Secret Pleasure Records

Brand new label out of the Netherlands here with their debut release that touches on many aspects of house music all in one track.

9. “Dancing Swirl” Kaua, Something Different Records

Solid label Something Different welcomes Kaua to it's roster and 2nd on this EP is "Dancing Swirl". Deep and dark tech house at it's finest here.

10. “Umbastanow (Dub Mix)" Hagen Feetly, Wormland Gold

Hagen Feetly from Germany gives us a dope tech-house groover with very odd and distorted vocal samples littered all over it.

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